Conference: 2010 Pennwriters Conference


The 2010 Pennwriters Conference was the first conference or convention that Jason and I have attended since 2008, and I didn't realize how much we needed to immerse ourselves in the writing world again. The hiatus was by choice because we both needed to finish our third novels. It was a good choice, a therapeutic choice, and allowed us to appreciate the creative energy that comes from a group of writers converging at a single location.

2010 Pennwriters_Heidi and Jason
Jason Jack Miller and Heidi Ruby Miller
Photo by Mike Mehalek

We caught up with old friends, some from Seton Hill...
2010 Pennwriters_lunch2_resized
Timons Esaias, Heidi Ruby Miller, and Maria V. Snyder
Photo by Jason Jack Miller

and some (well, one - Jon) that I shared an anthology (Sails and Sorcery) with...
2010 Pennwriters_Heidi and Jon
Heidi Ruby Miller and Jon Sprunk
Photo by Jason Jack Miller

and made some new ones...
Ruth G. Zavitsanos, Elizabeth Kelley, Timons Esaias, Maria V. Snyder, and Meghan Schuessler
photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

had some wonderful books signed, including Maria V. Snyder's SF novel Inside Out, C. J. Lyons's medical thriller Urgent Care...
Don Helin, Jonathan Maberry, C. J. Lyons, and Maria V. Snyder
Photo by Jason Jack Miller

and Jonathan Maberry's scientific thriller Patient Zero, which is being considered for an ABC series...
2010 Pennwriters_Heidi and Jonathan
Heidi Ruby Miller and Jonathan Maberry
Photo by Mike Mehalek

attended the masquerade, sans costume, though others rose to the occasion and there were some incredible ones...
2010 Pennwriters_masquerade
Gary Ryman and Mike Mehalek
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

Mike Mehalek, Jason Jack Miller, and Timons Esaias
Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

and left feeling a sense of joy in our craft and our stories.

Thank you to Ayleen Stellhorn and everyone who made this conference a success!


  1. Ah, I swear I'm going to make it to Pennwriters one of these days. It just sounds awesome!

  2. It is a great time, Matt. The 2011 conference will be in Pittsburgh in May.

    Hope to see you there!



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