EVENT: Broadkill Writers Resort Spring Retreat

As writers, we crave inspiration and a new perspective for our creativity. Joining friends and other creators at Broadkill Writers Resort is one of the best ways for Jason and me to pause and reimagine. This retreat is run by one of our publishers, Raw Dog Screaming Press, and the owners, Jennifer Barnes and John Edward Lawson who are pictured with us above.

Ten minutes from the town of Milton and along the Delaware Bay, this large, but quaint, resort home is just past Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, 10,000 acres of marshes, ponds, swamps, grasslands, and forest that provide protection for threatened and endangered species. The beach is never crowded, giving it an almost solitary feel and perfect for reflection and rejuvenation. We've been there a dozen times and have some great traditions now, like crab boils, puzzle builds, and beach campfires. I'm sure we'll be heading back a couple more times this year, too.


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