SFR Brigade Presents: Starrie 1.5


Enjoy some Science Fiction Adventure from the Ambasadora-verse! I'm posting my novel Starrie in order starting from chapter one. This is post five.  Read the rest of the story so far here. 

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The chilled air smelled of spice, giving a false sense of comfort to those minutes just before sunset.

Above the timberline, but just below the squalling ice storms near the peak, Ben glimpsed part of the great fortress. Its shiny silver reflected the surrounding snow and rock. The structure looked like a double-prowed ship or a wintry bird of prey about to strike.

Security voyeurs peppered the sky—hovering, watching, listening. The insulating gel Ben and his team had covered themselves in should dampen any thermal signatures, but it also held in a fair amount of body heat. For Armadans, who ran hot to begin with, the effect was anything but comfortable. But, it was a hell of a lot better than whatever Stavros's present victim was going through.

When they reached the break in the trees, the troopers dashed for the cover of the boulder field. Ben's boots crunched through the grey and yellow scrub. The closest two voyeurs snapped their telescoped cameras and microphones back into their spheroid casing and plummeted toward Dreadfire's position as though gravity had suddenly given out. 

Ben's group dropped among the giant rocks, some as large as an Armadan surface transport. 


Starrie is a direct sequel to Greenshift. It follows the story of Ben Anlow (David's younger brother) and his team as they embark on a revenge mission to bring down serial murderer and rapist, Liu Stavros, at his fortress in the inhospitable mountains of Tampa Three. But contractor Naela Starrie already has her own kind of vengeance planned for Stavros. Even as a battle-hardened soldier, Ben's not prepared for the darkness he sees in the female assassin, nor the way she challenges his prejudices about contractors when she makes a sacrifice to save to his life.

This novel runs concurrent with Ambasadora Book 1: Marked by Light, the first book of the main space opera series. And we follow a thread of Starrie into Book 2: Scarred by Light.

Look for Starrie from Dog Star Books in July 2014 and Ambasadora Book 2: Scarred by Light in late 2014.


  1. Great descriptions Heidi. Sounds like a fun series.

    1. Thank you, Sabrina. I'm certainly having fun writing it.

  2. All this action is so very well described and I like the addition of the voyeurs and the countermeasures! Great excerpt...

    1. The voyeurs have almost become their own characters in my books. Thanks, Veronica.

    2. Love the line, " though gravity had suddenly given out." I could picture the scene...nice narrative.

    3. I learned good narrative from Seton Hill, Ceres. ;) Thanks!

  3. Intriguing! Great snippet that made me curious to see what will happen! =D


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