Many Genres One Craft Wins First Place at London Book Festival

I am pleased to announce that the writing guide I co-edited with Michael A. Arnzen, Many Genres, One Craft, won first place in General Non-Fiction at the 2011 London Book Festival! This is our second award for the book and comes on the heels of last month's honor from The Writer magazine, which named Many Genres #5 in Ten of 2011's Terrific Writing Books!

Congratulations to all the contributors and our publisher Headline Books, Inc. for making this book such a big success.


  1. Such good company to be associated with.

  2. Congratulations! I picked up a copy of this at Mythcon 2011 in Albuquerque, NM last year. Really good book on writing.

  3. Thanks so much Cary!

    Leslie, so glad you were a part of this wonderful book!

    William, I'm so happy to hear the book has been valuable to you! It was a two-year venture with some great writers.


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