MGOC Events: Seton Hill University Book Launch and Signing


Cathy and Ahsley Teets of Headline Books, Inc.

Seton Hill University and the WPF Alumnae
hosted the official book launch of Many Genres One Craft on Friday, June 24. The event, attended by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and Cathy Teets owner of Headline Books, Inc., the publisher of the writing guide, featured contributors and other Seton Hill writers and their fiction.

J. L. Benet, Gary A. Braunbeck, Lucy A. Snyder

Lee Allen Howard, Michael A. Arnzen, Rebecca Baker

Stephanie Dunn, Erin Bales, Jason Blatt

Tim Waggoner, Diane Turnshek

Jason Jack Miller, David Day

Rachael Pruitt, Elaine Ervin, Penny Dawn, Mike Brendan

Rick Robinson

David J. Corwell, W. H. Horner, Maria V. Snyder

Bruce Siskawicz

Chris Stout, Lee Allen Howard

The Boscos, Sally Bosco

Symantha Reagor, Heidi Ruby Miller, Anne Harris

Bruce Siskawicz, Jason Jack Miller

Kaye Dacus, Meg Mims

W. H. Horner, Maria V. Snyder, Lawrence C. Connolly

Nicole Peeler, Lee McClain

Lawrence C. Connolly


  1. If you have other photos from the book launch, please leave a link in comments!

    Thanks everyone,

  2. What a phenomenal event! Love these pictures. I just posted a batch, too, at

  3. Thanks!

    And, it was so great meeting you this past weekend. Thank you for your wonderful remarks about AMBASADORA. Tim Waggoner said that you had mentioned it to him, as well. He was always a champion for me, so that was nice to hear.

    :) Heidi

  4. Thanks, Meg!

    It was great seeing you.

    :) Heidi

  5. The book signing and wine social were a phenomenal. My parents were there and said they couldn't get over wonderful supportive attitudes the writers have for each other. Thanks for posting the great photos, Heidi.


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