Monday, April 20, 2020

EVENT: Staying Home, Staying Creative at AllAccessCon


Jason and I are going to help you get into flow during the breakout sessions for the Staying Home, Staying Creative Workshop at All AccessCon on Thursday, April 23, 2020 (4:00 - 7:00 PM ET).

Are you feeling "stuck" at home in more ways than one?

Many of us always said that if only we could stay home we'd finally write that novel, learn a new writing skill, or revise that story or article and get it into the submission process. Now that we aren't being given a choice about staying home the situation isn't optimal and might even cause us to lose whatever creative momentum we had to begin with.

Join our panel of experts for a frank discussion about staying focused, creative, and successful in our new home environment, followed by a series of breakout sessions. This virtual workshop is presented by AllAccessCon at a reduced price to accommodate those economically impacted by COVID-19.


Matt Betts

Ohio native Matt Betts is a pop culture junkie—sometimes to levels that are considered unhealthy by the Surgeon General. He grew up on a steady diet of giant monsters, comic books, and horror novels, all of which creep into his own work. Matt’s speculative poetry and short fiction have appeared in a number of anthologies and journals. Matt’s first novel, the steampunk/zombie/alternate history adventure Odd Men Out was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award for excellence in independent publishing. He is also the author of the urban fantasy novel Indelible Ink the sci-fi novel The Shadow beneath the Waves and the forthcoming novel Red Gear 9. His poetry collections include See No Evil, Say No Evil and Underwater Fistfight.

John Edward Lawson
John Edward Lawson is the author of 16 books of fiction and poetry, and numerous chapbooks. Over 500 of his poems, stories, and articles have been published in magazines, anthologies, literary journals, and newspapers worldwide. He has been called “The forgotten black man of horror,” but he also regularly publishes science fiction, bizarro, mystery/thrillers, and literary fiction.

John was a winner of the 2001 Fiction International Emerging Writers Competition; in addition to being a finalist for the Stoker Award (2006, Superior Achievement in Poetry) and the Wonderland Award for Bizarro Fiction (2007, collected fiction), other award nominations include two for the Dwarf Stars Award, the Pushcart Prize, two for the Rhysling Award, and honorable mention for the 2015 Wonderland Award.

As an editor John is co-founder of Raw Dog Screaming Press, recognized by the Horror Writers Association in 2019 with their Specialty Press Award. He spent four years as editor-in-chief of The Dream People online literary journal of bizarro fiction and poetry. Other editorial projects include three print anthologies, four e-anthologies, and freelance work for such companies as National Lampoon and Double Dragon Publishing.

Heidi Ruby Miller
Heidi Ruby Miller is a travel writer turned novelist. She uses research for her stories as an excuse to roam the globe. Her books include the popular AMBASADORA series (Dog Star Books), MAN OF WAR (Meteor House), which is a sequel to Science Fiction Grandmaster Philip José Farmer's novel TWO HAWKS FROM EARTH, and the international award-winning writing guide MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT (Headline Books Inc.). In between trips, Heidi teaches creative writing at Seton Hill University, where she graduated from their renowned Writing Popular Fiction Graduate Program the same month she appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Follow Heidi's writing journey with her husband, Jason Jack Miller, and their two cats in the newsletter Small Space, Big Life and find her on YouTube, her website, and Instagram all as Heidi Ruby Miller.

Jason Jack Miller
Jason Jack Miller knows it’s silly to hold onto the Bohemian ideals of literature, music, and love above all else. But he doesn’t care.

His own adventures paddling wild mountain rivers and playing Pearl Jam covers for less-than-enthusiastic crowds inspired his Murder Ballads and Whiskey Series. He wrote Hellbender as a student in Seton Hill University’s prestigious Writing Popular Fiction program, where he is now a mentor and adjunct instructor. The novel won the Arthur J. Rooney Award for Fiction, the MacLaughlin Scholarship, and was a finalist for the Appalachian Writers Association Book of the Year Award.

When Jason isn’t writing, he’s with Heidi, his wife, either in Paris, perusing the bouquinistes or in the Cinque Terre trying to taste all of the focaccia. And for the rest of the year he plays the role of Mr. Miller, mild-mannered science teacher at Uniontown Area High School. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @jasonjackmiller or email him at

D. Harlan Wilson
D. Harlan Wilson is an American novelist, short-story writer, critic, screenwriter, playwright, editor and university professor whose body of work bridges the aesthetics of literary theory with various genres of speculative fiction. Critically referred to as “a genre unto himself” with a “fictional style that is completely without peer,” he is the author of over twenty book-length works of fiction and nonfiction, and hundreds of his stories, essays, and reviews have appeared in magazines, journals, and anthologies across the world in multiple languages. Wilson serves as reviews editor for Extrapolation, managing editor for Guide Dog Books, editor-in-chief of Anti-Oedipus Press, and director of the Humanities department at WSU-Lake Campus. For more biographical and bibliographic information, refer to Wilson’s entries at Goodreads, Amazon, Wikipedia and SF Encyclopedia.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Monday, April 06, 2020

EVENT: Zoom Into Books Presents Write the Book They Can't Put Down by Heidi Ruby Miller


I'll be presenting the workshop "Write the Book They Can't Put Down" on Zoom Into Books for Headline Books, Inc. on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 from 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET. Here's the press release from Headlines:

Wednesday, April 8 2:00 PM ET
Write the Book They Can't Put Down with Heidi Ruby Miller (45 minutes)

Heidi will guide you through tips based on her article "The Shifting Grail: A Quest for a Good Read" from the international award-winning writing guide Many Genres, One Craft: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction, which she co-edited for Seton Hill University's MFA program. Using examples from well-known movies and literature, she'll show how character motivation can dictate pacing and suspense, making your book one readers can't put down. Heidi will also host a Q&A and booksigning for Many Genres at the end of her presentation.

Register at

Sunday, April 05, 2020

BOOK: Man of War E-Book Sale


The wonderful crew at Meteor House sent out this press release for their giant e-book sale, which includes Man of War.

As our loyal readers around the world continued to stay at home, protecting themselves and their neighbors, we here at Meteor House want to continue to do our small part in helping everyone flatten the curve, and so for the past week all of our ebooks have been on sale.

One of the things we love here at Meteor House has been the opportunity to allow other writers to create new stories based in Philip José Farmer's worlds. Today we spotlight Man of War: A Two Hawks Adventure by the very talented Heidi Ruby Miller.

In Philip José Farmer’s novel Two Hawks from Earth, Native American pilot Roger Two Hawks flew through his first “gate” while on a bombing run over Romania during World War II. The gate brought him to Earth 2, a world where the Americas never existed. Since then he has continued to fight battles on Earth after Earth, each stranger than the last.

In Heidi Ruby Miller’s short story “Dakota’s Gate” (Worlds of Philip José Farmer 3 and included in Man of War as a prelude), set on Earth 3, North America never advanced past stone tools and rock shelters. But that’s where Two Hawks met another gate traveler, Dakota Cummings. It was Dakota, a woman turned friend and lover, who pulled him through a gate to her Earth, the most alien and deadly of all.

Earth 4. Two hundred years in the future. A war thirty-six thousand feet underwater. Two Hawks must draw upon all he’s learned during his gate travels in order to survive war between technologically advanced humans and their far-future hybrid cousins. This time more than just his and Dakota’s lives are at stake—the fate of an entire world is in his hands.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

EVENT: AllAccessCon Presents Space Opera is Still Queen by Heidi Ruby Miller


I'll be presenting "Space Opera is Still Queen" at AllAccessCon for Raw Dog Screaming Press and Dog Star Books on Saturday, April 4, 2020 from 1:00 - 3:00 PM ET. There will be free books, a workshop, readings, a booksigning, and an author Q&A. The press release information is below:

Feeling stuck at home when you'd rather be in outer space?

Join our Space Opera is Still Queen online workshop! Learn what this genre is, how it's written, and how it impacts popular culture.

Based on her class for Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction MFA program, Heidi Ruby Miller will show why publishers, including Dog Star Books, are still putting out the call for space opera amid Disney opening up two theme park lands devoted to Star Wars, the blockbusterdom of Guardians of the Galaxy, successful streaming series like The Expanse, and Amazon proving that readers will still devour alien empires and interplanetary sagas.

Attendees will receive a free eBook copy of Heidi Ruby Miller's novel Ambasadora: Marked By Light. The event will also include a reading by Miller from her other works in the Ambasadora universe.

To have a signed paperback copy of Ambasadora, Starrie, or Greenshift delivered to you via the US Postal Service simply order a copy at one of these links:
Ambasadora signed copy
Greenshift signed copy
Starrie signed copy

You will have a chance to give instructions on how you want it personalized either when you order or live onscreen at the end of the workshop. Free shipping to all USA addresses.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Have Fun

This online event features a main stage where the presentation takes place. You can interact with workshop leader Heidi Ruby Miller, other attendees, and event staff through the chat area, and take polls as they pop up there as well. After the workshop and book signing, you can explore other areas of our virtual event space.

Then Expo area features vendors just like at a convention. Here you will find publishers, authors, other workshops, and more.

In the Networking area you can meet other attendees in speed networking sessions of 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length. If you want to maintain this connection you can exchange contact info that will be stored in your Hopin profile for later reference, just like exchanging business cards at an in-person event. The system introduces you to other attendees at random.

All you need to join us is:

a Hopin account
a ticket to the event
a strong internet connection

Due to increased internet traffic, we recommend closing your browser and trying again if you encounter glitches. While this is rare we have received some reports of these issues and are investigating. Thank you.