READING: Books Read in 2021

I didn't dig into quite as many books as I did last year, but still had some great reads, many by authors I know personally and a couple which feature me.
Action at a Distance (Aaronovitch / Cartmel)
The Big Book of Science Fiction (Vandermeer / Vandermeer)
Boyfriend Material (Hall)
Childhood's End (Clarke)
Christmas on Cavanuagh Hill (Elizabeth)
Christmas on the Coast (McClain)
Clash of Flesh and Metal (Ellis)
Daddy's World (Williams)
Dead Man's Party (Jayne)
Death and Doubloons: A Cumberpatch Cove Mystery Book 1 (Robertson)
Dragons of a Different Tail: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales (Pyle / Scott / Lynch / Mastro)
Dreams of Flesh and Metal (Ellis)
Effacement (Hawkes)
Eureka: Substitution Method (Ramsay)
Facing Fear (Williams / Palacios)
A Fake Girlfriend for Chinese New Year's (Lau)
The Fey and the Furious (Aaronovitch / Cartmel)
The Firflake: A Christmas Story (Cardno)
Firekeeper's Daughter (Boulley)
Flashes of Horror (Mehalek)
Girl of Flesh and Metal (Ellis)
Grotesque (Murray)
Halloween at Pumpkin Hill (Cambert)
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster (Gates)
Hudson and Tallulah Take Sides (Kang / Weyant)
Humankind (Bregman)
Journey to the Hopewell Star (State)
Like Sunshine After Rain (Miller)
Little Muir's Night (Muir / Ghahremani)
Little Muir's Song (Muir / Ghahremani)
Lovely War (Berrie)
Obsidian Monsters (Pyle)
The October Man (Aaronovitch)
The Party Fixer: Hamptons Beach Party (Miller)
Raised in Captivity (Klosterman)
Red Gear 9 (Betts)
Revelation: Poppet Cycle Book 1 (Munro)
Spirit of the Cheetah: A Somali Tale (Williams / Mohammed / Cairns)
The Stars My Destination (Bester)
Tales from the Folly (Aaronovitch)
This Isn't Happening (Hyden)
A Thousand White Butterflies (Betancourt-Perez / Williams / Maldonado)
The Ultimate Pi Day Party (Lau)
What Abigail Did That Summer (Aaronovitch)
The Wild Muir (Stetson / Muir)
Writing in the Dark (Waggoner)
The Year Halloween Ruined Thanksgiving (Hyman)


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