COVER REVEAL: Dragons of a Different Tail

Excited to have a new story from the Ambasadora-verse in this debut anthology from Cabbit Crossing Publishing.

Here's an excerpt from my foreword for "Mastering Aesthetics."

"I wanted to continue the feminist theme [from Marked by Light] and expand upon it in “Mastering Aesthetics,” which takes place just after the events of Marked by Light and leads into an upcoming tie-in novel Frostfall (From the World of Ambasadora). It will be my first time writing a dragon space opera. I like to shake things up a bit. Rest assured that Xin, Olivia, and the mysterious dragon-person will be making appearances in Frostfall. This is the second published short story from the Ambasadora-verse. The first was “Rainer” in Far Worlds (The Bolthole, 2014). The two stories take place concurrently."

The beautiful cover is by Shayne Leighton.

As you can see, I'm in good company:
"A Friend Called Home" by Francis Fernandez
"A Wild Beast of The West" by Marx Pyle and Julie Seaton Pyle
"Big Dreams" by Victoria L. Scott
"Catalyst" by Kevin Plybon
"Chasing the Dragon" by Sean Gibson
"Mastering Aesthetics" by Heidi Ruby Miller
"Mouth of the Dragon" by J. Thorn
"Poisoned Water" by Sen R. L. Scherb
"Resorting to Revenge" by K.W. Taylor
"Spirit of the Dragon" by J.C. Mastro
"Tamira and the Dragon" by Colten Fisher
"The George" by Timons Esaias
"The Last Hour of Night" by G.K. White
"The Racing Dragons" of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn by Katharine Dow
"Tiny Hearts" by Sophia DeSensi
"Wei Ling and the Water Dragon" by Jeff Burns
"Witherwillow" by Carrie Gessner


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