ARTICLE: The Children's Game by Max Karpov at The Big Thrill by Heidi Ruby Miller


"It’s early morning in Florida, that time before the heat really sets in, and Max Karpov, author of the political thriller THE CHILDREN’S GAME, is writing under the canopy of trees in his yard and listening to the canal flowing behind his house. A runner, traveler, and journalist, Karpov always finds inspiration from the outdoors, which is why he initially plans his books at the beach."

Read the entire interview in The Big Thrill Magazine.

Journalist and novelist Max Karpov spent several years researching and writing THE CHILDREN’S GAME. A Washington, D.C. native, Karpov has written for The Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and elsewhere.

(Max Karpov is a pseudonym).

To learn more, please visit his website at


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