Good-bye, Puddahs. You Were the Best Kitty.

Last week we lost Puddahs, and I'm still trying to deal with the heartbreak. Some of you knew her from visiting our little home, some of you knew her from Instagram, Twitter, and this blog. She was sweet and never judging. Always consoling, always the presence that Jason and I needed when life was tough.

We named her Francesca after Frances Mayes because I watched Under the Tuscan Sun constantly when we first got her. The movie and Francesca were a type of therapy for me because I had been assaulted in the classroom where I taught and never returned to the profession after that day. There were many dark days to come as I healed, and Puddahs was right there.

Then last year when the migraines debilitated me, she was also there, comforting, just being. (I miss you, Puddahs.)

Jason and I still feel her in the house, but the emptiness is slowly creeping in.

Thank you to my mum for staying at her side during those last days as we rushed home from Lisbon to say good-bye. I believe Puddahs knew she as loved and ws ready to rest. Such a good little kitty.


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