BOOKS: Goodreads 2015 List


How many books did you read this year, and what were your favorites?

Did we read any of the same ones?

What do you suggest I put on my TBR list for 2015? Include your own books if you're an author!

In 2011 I read 34 books--you can see them all here.

In 2012 I read 40 books--you can see them all here.

In 2013 I read 20 books--you can see them all here.

In 2014 I read 33 books--you can see them all here.

But 2015 was an incredible reading year with an end tally of 53 books! That's a tad more than a book per week. Now, let's be honest--some of these were quite short, others were buddy reads with Jason Jack Miller at breakfast each day, and The Tao of Pooh was counted twice as both a single book and as part of the Pooh/Piglet duology, but all in all, not too bad for a slow reader like myself. I attribute it mainly to having a mild class schedule at Seton Hill this past term. And, since next term is already looking to be much busier with even more students and classes, I'm not holding my breath for such a stellar repeat performance. The books I read in 2015 and some statistics are below.

(NOTE: I took screen captures of all the books from the Goodreads Challenge page. You can check it out directly for more information.)

31 - female authors
26 - books from 22 different series
24 - books by Seton Hill Writers
23 - print books (10 signed)
23 - books by authors I have read previously
13 - non-fiction books
12 - books from Big 5 publishers
11 - mystery/crime/thriller books
11 - science fiction books
10 - fantasy books
7 - books by Pennwriters
6 - books by ITW Members
5 - children's books
4 - historical books
4 - poetry books
4 - books from RDSP/DSB
3 - books with which I am associated
3 - anthologies
2 - contemporary romance books
2 - horror books
2 - books from Meteor House
1 - book with which Jason Jack Miller is associated
1 - holiday book
1 - book from Headline Books, Inc.

Lyndi Alexander
Michael A. Arnzen
Lana Hechtman Ayers
Matt Betts
Jen Brooks
Cary Caffrey
Christopher Paul Carey
JC Cassels
Grumpy Cat
Liz Coley (3)
Deanna Dee (2)
Hannah Dennison
Pat DiCesare
Win Scott Eckert
Jordan Elizabeth (2)
John Fortunato
Alan Furst
Eckhard Gerdes
J. Gunnar Grey
J.L. Gribble
Paul R. Hewlett
Benjamin Hoff (2)
Samantha Holloway
D.E. Ireland
Sherry Knowlton (2)
Rhonda Mason
Daniel McTaggart (2 / 1 ed))
Zita Nitkiewicz (2)
P.M. Pevato
Adrea L. Peters (4)
Mike Resnick (ed)
Fred Rogers
Steven Saus (ed)
Ron Shannon
Randall Silvis
Jay Smith
Patrick Stutzman
Laini Taylor
Jennifer Foehner Wells
Teffanie T. White (4)
Kenya Wright
Stephanie Wytovich


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