TEASER TUESDAY: Starrie (From the World of Ambasadora)


STARRIE: From the World of Ambasadora

The hologram projected on the windscreen blinked out and the controls went stiff in Naela's hands.
Their world fell silent.

The darkening sky was suddenly illuminated by shimmering waves of pink and green. In the more evolved human part of Naela's brain she reveled as they hung suspended in the beauty of the deadly aurora. But her primal, animalistic urges soon screamed for attention when the craft's nose dipped and they entered freefall. A few loose items rolled forward and bumped into Naela's foot.

“Char,” Ben shouted into his co-com. “Matt. Dreadfire Team. Anyone copy?”

Naela attempted to control the pitch of the craft by pulling up on the manual yoke, but snow splatters bloomed against the windscreen as they yawed into the approaching storm.

“Is there a secondary yoke?” Ben said.

“Behind the black panel in front of you.” Her conversational tone punctuated the quiet cocooning them. There should have been bleating alarms as systems squawked for power, but there was nothing. Not even the rush of wind singing them to their deaths.

The swirling storm clouds and spitting icy mix parted long enough to show a nearby vertical snow bank on the mountain straight ahead. One wing of the egg clipped the outer edge of the bank. The grazing impact spun the ship away from the mountainside, but directly toward Stavros's prow.



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