BOOK: Diner Stories: Off the Menu Edited by Daniel McTaggart


My husband and some friends are in this one!

Diner Stories: Off the Menu is a collection of exciting stories and real tales, all serving up a fantastic fare about the one place we all know, love to go to, and enjoy no matter your walk of life. Cozied up inside this collection are people who love and hate, learn and squirm, and above all, eat—maybe some meals that might surprise you. Come on in and join us for a selection of great stories all garnished with sensory delights, served up on a platter of fun and imagination!

"Flying Lessons over Lunch with Saint Joseph Cooper Tina" by Eric Fritzius
"Layers and Pockets" by Karyn Cantees Stagg
"Julian's Restaurant" by Erin Nicole Cochran
"All the World's a Stage (But the Diner is my Church)" by Joey Madia
"Bleu Plate Special" by Jason Jack Miller
"The Bread Bowl" by Rich Bottles, Jr.
"Just Think about It" by Mary Lucille DeBerry
"Midnight at the Oasis" by Todd Ludy
"The Most Important Miracle" by Scott Emerson
"Genevieve from the River" by Steven Anthony George
"Words in Rain" by Vicki Crawford
"Donovan's Intuition" by Sarah B. Robinson
"White Smoke and Mirrors" by Jolene Paternoster
"Mary's Place" by Chris Leek
"Hungry for More" by Frank Larnerd
"All Night Diner" by Garland Steele
"Is Freedom on the Menu?" by Theodore Webb
"Love's Old Sweet Song" by Susanna Connelly Holstein
"Desert Diner" by Julie Cunningham
"Old Blue's Treasure" by Jennifer Dietz Weingardt
"Snapshots" by Eliot Parker
"The Slaving Hen" by Mike Mehalek
"The Last Stop" by Kathleen McClure and K. Ceres Wright
"The Teddy Bear" by Mary Lou Pratt
"Theoretical Cheese" by William F. DeVault
"Frank's Place" by Daniel McTaggart


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