Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BOOK: Slayers by T. K. Toppin and others


SLAY; verb (used with object), slew, slain, slay·ing. kill by violence. 2. to destroy; extinguish… A Slayer has but one purpose.

7DS Books debuts its newest collection, SLAYERS. Seven short story missions of your not so typical slayers taking on highly unusual targets. These captivating stories slice through tales of aliens, super slugs, demons, and beyond.

T. K. Toppin's science fiction story "We Come in Peace" is part of the collection. Other authors include Darke Conteur, Quincy J. Allen, Laurie Lyons, Solange Nicole, Alyse M. Gardner and Jae L. Malone.

Buy it at Amazon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BOOK: What Tomorrow May Bring by Cary Caffrey and others


What Tomorrow May Bring is a YA Dystopian Boxed set which includes 10 novels (plus bonus chapters) from 11 established and up-and-coming indie authors in dystopian literature in a single collection. Each story contains a brand new foreword by its author. Cary Caffrey's The Girls from Alcyone is part of the collection. Buy at Amazon.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

MEME: The 777 Meme - Atlatl


I've been tagged by Katje van Loon for this year's 777 Meme. Here's my 2013 post and my 2012 post.

The rules are:
Go to the 7th line of the 7th page of your work in progress.
Post the first full 7 lines.
Then tag 7 friends.

The following snippet is from the short story "Atlatl" which is set in the Ambasadora-verse and features brothers, David and Ben Anlow, during an undercover sting--but only one of them knows that's why they're at the bar.

"This part of the city makes the LaTulip Underground look clean and cozy by comparison," David said.

"Oh, yeah?" Ben said. "When was the last time you ventured into the Underground? And, before you say anything more, my team swears by this place when they're on leave."

His cocom buzzed to life in his ear and Meke's voice sounded like she was inside his head. "For the record, I'm with your brother--I'd never eat in this shithole, on duty or off, including tonight."

Ben glanced to where she sat at the bar with an untouched neon glowing orangish-pink from a glass in front of her.

I tag:
Jason Jack Miller
Albert Wendland
Shawn Hopkins
Christopher Paul Carey
Mary SanGiovanni
Cary Caffrey
Mike Mehalek

(Thanks to Bradley Sharp for the great artwork depicting the Hub, which I snagged from Greenshift's cover!!)

Monday, September 08, 2014

BOOK: Veins by Lawrence C. Connolly


Fleeing from what should have been a perfect crime, four crooks in a black Mustang race into the Pennsylvania highlands. On the backseat, a briefcase full of cash. On their tail, a tattooed madman who wants them dead.

The driver calls himself Axle. A local boy, he knows the landscape, the coal-hauling roads and steep trails that lead to the perfect hideout: the crater of an abandoned mine. But Axle fears the crater. Terrible things happened there. Things that he has spent years trying to forget.

Enter Kwetis, the nightflyer, a specter from Axle’s ancestral past. Part memory, part nightmare, Kwetis has planned a heist of his own. And soon Axle, his partners in crime, and their pursuer will learn that their arrival at the mine was foretold long ago . . . and that each of them is a piece of a plan devised by the spirits of the Earth.

Lawrence C. Connolly’s Veins is now available for the first time in ebook and in a special second-printing from Fantasist Enterprises. This week (September 5-10), the ebook of Veins is on sale for 99 cents at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Fantasist Enterprises. Download a copy today. Then fasten your seat belts . . . and enjoy the ride!

Lawrence C. Connolly’s other books include Vipers: Book Two of the Veins Cycle (which has also just been released for the first time in ebook and a new second printing), Visions: Short Fantasy & SF, This Way to Egress, and Voices: Tales of Horror. His stories have appeared in many of the major genre magazines and anthologies, including Amazing Stories, Cemetery Dance, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Twilight Zone, and Year’s Best Horror. Voices: Tales of Horror was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection. His next book, Vortex: Book Three of the Veins Cycle, debuts November 4 in print and ebook.

Friday, September 05, 2014

BLOG TOUR: My Writing Process


Thank you to both Albert Wendland and Shawn Hopkins for inviting me to participate in the My Writing Process (#mywritingprocess) blog tour.

1) What am I working on?
My husband, Jason Jack Miller, and I are finally collaborating on a thriller series (The Fourth Department) which is set in Eastern Europe just before the fall of the Iron Curtain. It's Child 44 meets the X-Files. We have the big corkboard out in the library with a zillion cards pinned to it so we can both see all the notes at a glance. This experience has been so much fun with him because we each bring our own expertise to the project. The pizza and wine sessions really add to it, as well.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I travel quite a bit so I'm constantly incorporating what I experience into my work, whether it be in the far future Ambasadora-verse or in my thrillers. Taking yourself out of your familiar surroundings is useful when you're doing the same with your characters.

3) Why do I write what I do?
Though I am such a girl (love fashion, make up, jewelry), I have always been drawn to adventure and science fiction stories, whether in books, movies, or on TV. That affinity carried through into my own writing. I like the idea of wonder, which is more of a science fiction trope, but, like I teach in one of my graduate classes, most techno-thrillers could share space on the mainstream and science fiction shelves. I look at my own creative influences throughout the years (Michael Crichton, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Clive Cussler, Luc Besson, Joss Whedon, Chris Carter) and all have some element of science fiction.

4) How does my individual writing process work?
I started to get migraine headaches a few years back so I've had to adapt to a 30 minute on/30 minute off schedule, including more writing by hand. (I teach a class on this technique to my grad students and am compiling a book on it.) And just accept that some days there will be no writing because of the pain. Acceptance wasn't easy for an over-achiever like me because all I kept thinking is how much further ahead I would be on my story if only this debilitating pain wasn't tormenting me. Now, I realize that I may not produce as much as some of my peers, but I can enjoy the process once again. And having fun is the most important part of writing, as far as I'm concerned.

Here are some other participant responses:
Diana Dru Botsford
Jen Brooks
Anika Denise
Shawn Hopkins
Eva Hudson
Rhonda Mason
Jason Jack Miller
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