SFR Brigade Presents: STARRIE 2.3


Enjoy some Science Fiction Adventure from the Ambasadora-verse! I'm posting my novel Starrie in order starting from chapter one. This is post eleven and we're finishing chapter two. It has been edited for content and space per the SFR Brigade Presents guidelines. Read the rest of the story so far on the Starrie page.

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She unclipped a decorative piece of metal from the seam of her panties. With a twist of her thumb the clip expanded to the width of her middle finger and twice its length. Her heart sped up, relishing what came next. The mind minstrel's beat pounded with the same anticipation.

With a flourishing flick of her wrist, Naela released the coiled wire inside the clip. It ignited as it spun free with a blue-white glow and snapped to life at her side as the electricity supercharged the three meter filament.

Stavros backpedaled against the wall.

She teasingly snapped the whip back and forth, slicing through the mattress and frame. Wisps of smoke haunted the air and coated her tongue with the tang of singed silk and scorched wood. The sizzles and cracks and flares of electric light promised a painful end for Liu Stavros. And the mind minstrel captured it all, including when Naela said, "It makes me happy…that you're going to die this way."


Starrie is a direct sequel to Greenshift. It follows the story of Ben Anlow (David's younger brother) and his team as they embark on a revenge mission to bring down serial murderer and rapist, Liu Stavros, at his fortress in the inhospitable mountains of Tampa Three. But contractor Naela Starrie already has her own kind of vengeance planned for Stavros. Even as a battle-hardened soldier, Ben's not prepared for the darkness he sees in the female assassin, nor the way she challenges his prejudices about contractors when she makes a sacrifice to save to his life.

This novel runs concurrent with Ambasadora Book 1: Marked by Light, the first book of the main space opera series. And we follow a thread of Starrie into Book 2: Scarred by Light.

Look for Starrie from Dog Star Books in July 2014 and Ambasadora Book 2: Scarred by Light in late 2014.


  1. I loved this scene (again). And it really is amazing what one can hide in the seam of one's undergarments (lock picks, chain whips, grenades!). So looking forward to the rest.

    1. "And it really is amazing what one can hide in the seam of one's undergarments"

      The Girls from Alcyone know a bit about concealed weapons. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by, Cary!

  2. Wow, talk about resourceful! Terrific scene.

  3. Clearly do not mess with her in any way! Terrific excerpt, so dramatic and intense...

    1. The best is yet to come.

      Thanks for stopping, Veronica!

  4. This is certainly a dramatic excerpt, Heidi. Can't wait for more!

  5. I need to go back and read the rest...


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