EVENT PHOTOS: Capclave 2013


RDSP and Dog Star Books had a big representation at Capclave 2013 with John Edward Lawson, Jennifer Barnes, Jason Jack Miller, Heidi Ruby Miller, K. Ceres Wright, Matt Betts, and Hanna Gribble. Other guests in attendance included the GoH George R. R. Martin, Catherine Asaro, Alma Katsu,Michael Swanwick, and dozens of others. Such a good time and good people. Looking forward to next year's!

Heidi Ruby Miller, Jason Jack Miller, George R. R. Martin

Heidi Ruby Miller

John Edward Lawson

Alma Katsu

Catherine Asaro, Heidi Ruby Miller, Matt Betts

Jason Jack Miller

K. Ceres Wright

Hanna Gribble, Heidi Ruby Miller, Michael Swanwick

Heidi Ruby Miller

Jason Jack Miller, Jennifer Barnes

Heidi Ruby Miller

Matt Betts


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