The SFR Brigade Presents: Starrie 1.1 by Heidi Ruby Miller

Enjoy some Science Fiction Adventure from the Ambasadora-verse! I'm posting my novel Starrie in order starting from chapter one. This is post one. 

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Heidi Ruby Miller

Ben Anlow squeezed out of the craggy basalt passage of Monmouth Cave and into the shadow of Durstal Ki, Tampa Three's second tallest peak. The frigid air crystallized on his nose hairs, but he breathed in the freshness of the night, happy to have this open darkness instead of the oppressive rock that he and his twelve-member team had traveled under for the past three days.
As he moved for cover among the boulder field halfway up the giant mountain, Char's slender form slid easily out of the diagonal split of rock in his periphery. Her prime, Duncan, poked his head through next. He was having a more difficult time of it. Not only was the guy extra tall and broad, even for an Armadan, but his leg was worsening—well, what was left of it. Tackling a mountain lion genetically engineered to exterminate any trespassers had its consequences. Of course, if Duncan hadn't acted fast, both Ben and Matt would have lost more than a limb. 

Starrie is a direct sequel to Greenshift. It follows the story of Ben Anlow (David's younger brother) and his team as they embark on a revenge mission to bring down serial murderer and rapist, Liu Stavros, at his fortress in the inhospitable mountains of Tampa Three. But contractor Naela Starrie already has her own kind of vengeance planned for Stavros. Even as a battle-hardened soldier, Ben's not prepared for the darkness he sees in the female assassin, nor the way she challenges his prejudices about contractors when she makes a sacrifice to save to his life.

This novel runs concurrent with Ambasadora Book 1: Marked by Light, the first book of the main space opera series. And we follow a thread of Starrie into Book 2: Scarred by Light.

Look for Starrie from Dog Star Books in July 2014 and Ambasadora Book 2: Scarred by Light in late 2014.


  1. Visceral description! I felt relief at the night air myself! It reminded me of the journey through the mines of Moria. And the existence of genetically engineered mountain lions in a remote region tells me there's something there someone's trying to hide. Hmmm. Nice tension and good set up for the next scene!

    1. Thank you, Ceres! I drew from my own caving experiences--there's nothing like finally emerging from under that rock.

  2. An awesome beginning to what is sure to be an exciting novel.

    1. I bet you say that to all the new novels. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by, Cary!

  3. Mountain lions are pretty scary so a genetically engineered one is awesome. Quite a gritty excerpt, really set the tone and left me wondering what comes next?

    1. I usually go for gritty, so I'm happy this passage found the mark!

      Cheers, Veronica. :)

  4. I love your description of the night and the chill. And, a genetically engineered mountain lion sure gets the imagination going. Good job! =D

    1. Thank you, Maria!

      I'm all about the sensory details. I thank my grad program at Seton Hill. ;)

  5. Sounds interesting! I'd like to see one of these lions :)

  6. Great descriptions - loved the air crystallizing on his nose hairs. I'm definitely intrigued!


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