Snippet from Starrie (From the World of Ambasadora)


Starrie (From the World of Ambasadora)

Starrie is a direct sequel to Greenshift. It follows the story of Ben Anlow (David's younger brother) and his team as they embark on a revenge mission to bring down serial murderer and rapist, Liu Stavros, at his fortress in the inhospitable mountains of Tampa Three. But contractor Naela Starrie already has her own kind of vengeance planned for Stavros. Even as a battle-hardened soldier, Ben's not prepared for the darkness he sees in the female assassin, nor the way she challenges his prejudices about contractors when she makes a sacrifice to save to his life.

This novel runs concurrent with Ambasadora Book 1: Marked by Light, the first book of the main space opera series. And we follow a thread of Starrie into Book 2: Scarred by Light.

Look for Starrie from Dog Star Books in late 2013 and Ambasadora Book 2: Scarred by Light in 2014.


"Remember, Dreadfire Team, alive and original," Ben said.

"A and O. Copy that."

"Copy, LT."

Ben clicked the co-com to silent mode.

These twelve Armadan men and women started together thirty years ago and were still going strong. Sure there were some horrific moments along the way—Ben had lost track if he or Duncan had had more limbs reattached or replaced. Matt had been comatose for six months a few years back. Char nearly bled out during a raid on the Svetz Pods, and Kenya had to be quarantined for seven weeks in a radiation detox facility.

Any of them could have died or left the team, but decade after decade they all ended up back together. This was family, even to the ones who had amours and children spread across the Intra-Brazial system. Dreadfire Team were siblings in arms, and the only one of thirty Armadan special ops teams to be alive and original, thanks to Papa Ben, a nickname he never liked because it made him feel old, and at fifty-one, Ben was still a couple decades shy of mid-life.


  1. Since you cheated by posting early, I'll cheat by commenting. It's only fair! This passage paints a great picture of the Armadans, their culture and camaraderie, the deep bond and all the dangers that they face - and will face again. Makes one wonder how they've survived this long.

    It's also exciting to hear that you've got not one but two Ambasadora books on the way!

    1. Ha ha! And I knew you'd be the first to comment, Cary! We're traveling to the Baltimore Book Fest tomorrow so I wanted to be sure I had my post up.

      I'm pretty excited about the next two books coming out, as well. I feel like when I did the relaunch of the two series that I was on hiatus for a year and a half. I kept writing, though, and now have a nice back stock to put out so I'm all caught up again.

  2. Love this bit! It digs beneath the surface of the Dreadfire Team and provides a thread for the reader to follow that touches each member of the team. Nice!

    1. This was one of Jason's favorite snippets, too. ;)

      Thanks, Ceres.

  3. Good sequence, Heidi! Very effective way of bringing the team into the reader's focus, letting them see who the individuals are but also giving a strong sense of the camaraderie and mutual trust within the group. And (speaking as a man of 50) I like seeing a hero older than me!

    1. "And (speaking as a man of 50) I like seeing a hero older than me!"

      Ha ha! You're a young buck by Armadan standards, Peter. ;)


  4. Great snippet, and only be a couple decades shy of mid-life when you're 51... :-)
    Glad I have your blog on my blogroll, though, because it looks like you ran over the 10-sentence limit and the link was pulled off the SFFS site. :-\

    1. Did I go over? I saw my link disappeared. Well, that's disappointing. Thanks for stopping by anyway, T. M.! You're the best.

  5. Another Ambassadora book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!! That's all I gotta say. (happy. SO happy).

    1. I am as excited as you are, T.K. You just say it better! :D


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