EVENT PHOTOS: Seton Hill WPF Residency January 2013


Here are photos from the Seton Hill University Writing Popular Fiction (WPF) January 2013 Residency. The keynote speaker was Kevin Hearne, New York Times Bestselling author of the Iron Druid Chronicles.

Kevin Hearne and Heidi Ruby Miller


Jason Jack Miller and Timons Esaias (hiding)

Heidi Ruby Miller and Victoria Thompson - Scarf Twins!


Kate Martin, Sara Lyon, Troy Bucher, Tom Connair, and Danielle Hinesly

Heidi Ruby Miller and Jason Jack Miller

Charles Buechele, Anne Harris, Jeremy, and Penny Thomas

Jacki King and Heidi Ruby Miller

Heidi Ruby Miller signing The Writer for Penny Thomas

Lee Allen Howard and Jason Jack Miller

Jacki King and Heidi Ruby Miller - Boot Twins!

Anna La Voie, Jo Crow, Jason Krenkel, Catherine Oswald, Eric Seidl, Troy Bucher, Symantha Reagor

Jacki King and Lee Allen Howard


Kevin Hearne and Danielle Hinesly

W.D. Prescott and Stephanie Wytovich

Penny Thomas, Stephanie Wytovich, Lana Hechtman Ayers, and Heidi Ruby Miller

Heidi Ruby Miller and Albert Wendland


  1. GREAT shots, Heidi! These were all events that I either missed or had to check out early (due to that terrible flu!), so I appreciate the share. Looks like you guys had a great time; it was good to see you and J. Till next time! -- Mike A.

  2. How the he'll did you find troy bucher? I was his roommate at a military school in 94 and haven't seen him since! Give me a shout, Troy! (PETE)


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