EVENT: Arznstigation Days (Heidi and Mike in Photos)


I'm an Arnzstigator, an instigator inspired by author Michael A. Arznen and supporter of his kickstarter project--The Fridge of the Damned Poetry Magnets.

Mike's project has already been funded, but his supporters are trying to help him reach that stretch level of $2700 so everyone can have really cool Gorletized tins for those great magnets. We only have until Thursday, January 31, so to persuade you to participate, the pack at Raw Dog Screaming Press is posting things which inspire them about Mike and his work. I've decided to post every good photo I can find that Mike and I have taken together since I met him in January 2005 at Seton Hill University.

For other great Arnzstigations, check out the RDSP blog - http://raw-dog.livejournal.com/250353.html


  1. This is an awesome series of photos. Thanks for supporting the Arnzstigation!

    1. I'm sure I had more, but I thought this an adequate sample of our fun times together.

      ;) Heidi


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