SFFS Snippet #2: "The Islands of Hope" in Sails and Sorcery


DESCRIPTION: Mermaids. Pirates. Flying ships. Creatures from the deep. Magic beyond your wildest dreams.

The sea is a dangerous and wonderful realm. It calls to many, promising riches, adventure, or freedom. But just as there are beautiful and remarkable treasures to be found upon and below the waves, do not underestimate the dangers hidden within its depths.

Featuring 28 stories and 42 illustrations, including tales by New York Times best-seller Elaine Cunningham, Paul S. Kemp, Patrick Thomas, Chun Lee, Chris Stout, Heidi Ruby Miller, Jon Sprunk, and James M. Ward with an all-new story featuring Halcyon Blithe.



The Ixchel has been adrift in the Horse Latitudes for three weeks and food has been rationed dramatically.

Hungry crew met him, their stomachs grumbling louder than their complaints. A squabble broke out among three nearest Julian. One crewman shoved another onto the rations table. The downed man pulled a rusty dagger. Encouraging shouts reached deafening heights in the small area.

Julian cocked his pistol in the man's ear. "Back of the line for you!"

To the rest of the crew he yelled, "Any more problems and no one eats."

Each day the men pushed a little further. Each day they took longer to back down.


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  1. Hunger on a ship is the worst. I smell a mutiny brewing...

  2. Great great snippet. Yes I doubled my great. Quick lines to accentuate the action. Flashes of details to color the setting AND you used the word squabble. The last two lines are just plain awesome.

  3. Trouble is just around the corner on this vessel. Really cool snippet!

  4. Guys...you can't live with them and you can't let them grow up to become pirates.... *shakes head*

  5. Wayne: You would be right.

    S.A. Check: The double great is much appreciated. ;)

    Patrick: Thanks!

    Babs: You are so right! And most men I know have a little bit of pirate in them. ;)

  6. Sounds like someone is going to run into trouble and quick!

  7. It's just like me when I go to the market before having a proper breakfast.

    I seriously want to read the rest of this, but dang-it if it isn't available only in paperback! It's funny how addicted I've become to eBooks.

    *sigh... All right, I'll go stick this one in my shopping cart, but now I'll have to find something else to get the free shipping (I'm such a cheapie).

  8. Cary, it's coming out as an e-book this summer!

  9. Mutiny!! Okay, I soooo want to read this entire book, and the others. Looks like it'll be a fantastic read!! Waiting patiently for the ebook.....

  10. Never mind food, how's the water holding out?
    BTW I'm here at http://jarnianconfederation.wordpress.com/ but I forgot to sign up.

  11. Seems like a terrible predicament to be in. He's a brave man to stand up to angry, hungry men who all more than likely are armed. Great tension here.

  12. This sounds like saturday night in the chippy! Me armed with a pistol!
    Great snippet, HRM!!

  13. He's just courting mutiny, isn't he?

  14. Eh, shoot the first man who mutinies and serve him up in the mess. That'll teach them.

  15. He's gonna have a mutiny on his ship if he isn't careful.


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