SFFS: Snippet from Greenshift #8

SFFS Snippet


Greenshift is a novel set in the Ambasadora-verse one month before Ambasadora begins.

DESCRIPTION: David Anlow, a fleet captain forced into early retirement and jaded by an ex-lover, now spends his lonely days shuttling around a group of scientists for hire.

Boston Maribu, Mari to her friends, is one of his passengers, a young botanist who is as beautiful as she is naïve and innocent.

When Mari asks David to teach her about more than just piloting the Bard, nights on their ship heat up and their feelings for each other mature into a relationship neither expects. But a suspicious new client shows up with wicked plans for Mari, and the soldier inside David comes alive, ready to fight for the young woman who stole his heart.


She couldn't see anything but the sea and sky reflected in the dark glass, but she could hear muffled music and voices from somewhere inside.

The cacophony of screamed lyrics and erratic beats blasted out at them as soon as Liu ripped open the door.

All Wren could make out at first was a triangle of light piercing into the darkness from the doorway. Then movement caught her attention near the ceiling. A small, thin parallelogram bobbed around as if in a lazy current and shined a strobing beam of blue-green light down onto the bed like a search beacon. Its focus was a rounded lump, secured by leather straps and huddled on one corner of the disheveled sheets.

Liu shouted over the deafening music. "Emotions drive the song, and it'll pick up bits of conversation."

As if to emphasize his point, an eerie strain of "Pick it up, p-p-pick it up," grated along with the fast tempo, repeating until it was nothing more than a manic scream.

Wren's entire body shook from the surreal scene and the sensory overload.

The primal shrieking only excited Liu.


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  1. Definitely sounds like the heat is p-p-picking up! Enticing scene...

  2. Fantastic snippet. Could really imagine it in my head. :D

  3. Oh please do not let this technology come about until my youngest children have children and a home of their own!!

    Great snippet!I love the Ambasadora 'Verse. Even brief little snippets like this are so true to the mood you've created. I love it!

  4. What an interesting concept for music. I won't be surprised if it does end up like that. Great imagery, loved it!

  5. The mind minstrels are one of my favorite pieces of tech in the Ambasadora-verse. They're going to evolve into something more sinister as the series continues.

  6. Tension, tension, tension. Something's coming, and it's not going to be good. Loved this snippet.

  7. Great description. Could easily visualize the scene.

  8. Fun little snippet, though I wasn't completely sure what was going on...did enjoy the visuals, though. :-)

  9. Nice description, but I wouldn't want to be there.

  10. Interesting music! I would definitely want to be on stage as a performer rather than in the audience. Really looking forward to diving into this book.

  11. Sounds like my house, lol

    Great snippet, thanks for sharing.

  12. Chilling, and I've now read the whole book so I know where this is going. :-O

  13. Wow, Pippa, you read it already?! That makes me so happy.

    And, yeah, this snippet takes on a whole new meaning once you know, doesn't it?


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