SFFS: Snippet from GREENSHIFT #4

SFFS Snippet


Greenshift is a novel set in the Ambasadora-verse one month before Ambasadora begins.

DESCRIPTION: David Anlow, a fleet captain forced into early retirement and jaded by an ex-lover, now spends his lonely days shuttling around a group of scientists for hire.

Boston Maribu, Mari to her friends, is one of his passengers, a young botanist who is as beautiful as she is naïve and innocent. When Mari asks David to teach her about more than just piloting the Bard, nights on their ship heat up and their feelings for each other mature into a relationship neither expects. But a suspicious new client shows up with wicked plans for Mari, and the soldier inside David comes alive, ready to fight for the young woman who stole his heart.




Many Armadans underestimated contractors—David didn't. They might not have as much bulk, but their martial arts training gave them a powerful punch.

"Ward." Killian shot a warning look at his charge.

"You on babysitting duty, Killian? Thought the Embassy would have promoted you by now. It seems to me you were babysitting another recruit that night my brother kicked your ass."

David looked at Ward when he spoke next. "You're lucky to have this guy. When my brother started wailing on the kid, Killian jumped right in and took a beating alongside him."

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  1. I see you cheated and took an early peek at my snippet! (so I thought I'd cheat too and do the same).

    Sparks are continuing to fly, I see (I'm very frustrated, only getting to read this in 10 sentence tidbits, btw). I'm getting the strong impression that someone's making a big mistake antagonizing David. *sigh* I guess I'll have to wait till next week to find out.

  2. Great little snippet...enjoyed the character interaction. Definitely sets the stage for some conflict later.

  3. hmuah ha xD I love snappy dialogue. Nice snippet!

  4. Oh, love this! A nice set up for some interesting stuff to come. Can't wait to dig into Ambassadora so I'll "know" these people...

  5. I love this! I love that your characters aren't infallible and indestructible. I want MORE!!

  6. Lots of conflict, sounds like someone could get hurt!

  7. Is a fight about to break out? Great conflict in dialogue.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

    Writing dialog is one of my favorite parts of a story.

  9. I'm feeling the tension as I wait for the sniping to finish and the shooting to start!


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