SFFS: Snippet from GREENSHIFT #1

SFFS Snippet


Greenshift is a novel set in the Ambasadora-verse one month before Ambasadora begins.

DESCRIPTION: David Anlow, a fleet captain forced into early retirement and jaded by an ex-lover, now spends his lonely days shuttling around a group of scientists for hire.

Boston Maribu, Mari to her friends, is one of his passengers, a young botanist who is as beautiful as she is naïve and innocent. When Mari asks David to teach her about more than just piloting the Bard, nights on their ship heat up and their feelings for each other mature into a relationship neither expects. But a suspicious new client shows up with wicked plans for Mari, and the soldier inside David comes alive, ready to fight for the young woman who stole his heart.


"David's a better pilot than that last guy," Mari said, gripping the handle of a knife from the galley. She'd been nervously trying to engage Sean in conversation as they stood at the bottom of the Bard's chartreuse gangway watching the scene unfold with David and a couple of contractors forty meters away.

The glare from the surrounding waters of Carrey Bay and the heat shimmering from the dark grey concrete stamped in the shape of a real wooden boardwalk gave the scene an appearance of being filtered through glass. But unlike staring from behind a closed window, Mari could experience the world of Tampa Quad's largest dock all around her.

The boats blasted their horns and the spaceship engines screeched and boomed overhead. And the smells. Spilled fuel and exhaust from a faulty filter system mixed with the fishy-ness of the bay at low tide. If there were a breeze, she could have enjoyed the aromas from restaurant row across the way. At least Sean smelled good—his earthy scentbots bringing the only hint of freshness to the day so far.

"Don't you think so?" Mari prompted again as the stand-off along the faux boardwalk heated up. "That he's a better pilot?"


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  1. Interesting. I could picture urban docks scene entirely...and just imagine the smells. Great snippet!!

  2. I love your world-building! Thanks for sharing :D

  3. Lovely scene. And scent-bots! Wonderful (as long as they're not more of those Axe scent-bots - blech!).

  4. Great imagery! Loved this sampling...

  5. Water ships and space ships together? Intriguing.

  6. Nice stuff, Heidi! I love the idea of scent bots.

  7. I love all the little details slipped in there that tell us it isn't 'our' world.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, everyone, for my first SFS Snippet!

    The scentbots are always a big hit...wish I had some so Mademoiselle by Chanel just drifted out of my every pore. ;)


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