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Event: WPF In Your Write Mind at Seton Hill - Day 2 Photos

Thesis Readings from Seton Hill's MFA in Writing Popular Fiction on Saturday, June 25, 2011:

HEIDI'S PICK SIX: J. Gunnar Grey

HEIDI'S PICK SIX J. Gunnar Grey 1. Which of your characters is your favorite? That’s a difficult question to answer, because I spend so much time getting to know these characters that I kind of fall in love with all of them. Right now I’m trying to renew the mutual relationship with the lead character from Trophies, my Seton Hill University thesis novel, but he’s being difficult so he doesn’t deserve this highest honor. So I’ll award it to Major Hans-Joachim Faust of Deal with the Devil and he’s a fascinating character, an educated and honorable man caught in a no-win scenario. Besides, he’d never stand me up. 2. Tell me about your travels. 3. Coffee, tea, or milk? 4. What else can you do besides write? 5. Who are you reading right now? 6. Pop culture or academia? Oh, both! But it depends, of course, and although there are exceptions, there’s a sort of continuum, with reading at the academia end, visual media at the furthest edge of pop culture, and music running betw

HEIDI'S PICK SIX: Karina L. Fabian

HEIDI'S PICK SIX Karina Fabian 1. Which of your characters is your favorite? Oh, that's too hard! I love all my characters, especially while I'm working on their novel, so let's talk about them: In Neeta Lyffe II: I Left My Brains in San Francisco, my favorite character of the moment is Ted. His background is such fun: His mom is part of a communal marriage (he calls them all his "cousins"), but he's waiting for monogamous marriage; Mom, hence thinks he's "repressed," and is trying to encourage him. If he's repressed, that's the only place. He loves to turn on the siren as an excuse to drive crazy, jumped a broken bridge, and danced the Ninja Monkey which was popular when he was around ten. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he makes Neeta laugh. He's also incredibly brave and impulsive. In Neeta Lyffe: Zombie Exterminator, for example, he accidentally used a flamethrower around a leaking gas tank. I loved "w

Event: WPF In Your Write Mind at Seton Hill - Day 1 Photos

From Friday, June 24, 2011 at the WPF In Your Write Mind Workshop at Seton Hill University :

HEIDI'S PICK SIX: Lindsay Downs

HEIDI'S PICK SIX Kebi--Lindsay's owner 1. Which of your characters is your favorite? When I started writing the book I’d not planned on having Kebi included. The story was going to be about two people, one, Alison Swanson who works as a test pilot for her father’s aftermarket military weapons company. The other, Sgt. Richard Bosch is a sniper for the US Army. Then one day while working on the scene where Alison and Richard finally meet, my collie, whose name is also Kebi, came up to me wanting to play. If you’ve ever had a dog you know they couldn’t be denied. As we played I started to remember back on our life together. Kebi would follow me and do as I asked much to the consternation of my spouse. So, when I finally got back to the computer it hit me, why not use a collie as the bonding agent between the two people. This meant that I’d have to go back and either add, delete and/or rewrite different scenes. Kebi not only brings humor into the book but has, without givin

MGOC Events: Seton Hill University Book Launch and Signing

EVENTS Cathy and Ahsley Teets of Headline Books, Inc. Seton Hill University and the WPF Alumnae hosted the official book launch of Many Genres One Craft on Friday, June 24. The event, attended by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and Cathy Teets owner of Headline Books, Inc. , the publisher of the writing guide, featured contributors and other Seton Hill writers and their fiction. J. L. Benet, Gary A. Braunbeck, Lucy A. Snyder Lee Allen Howard, Michael A. Arnzen, Rebecca Baker Stephanie Dunn, Erin Bales, Jason Blatt Tim Waggoner, Diane Turnshek Jason Jack Miller, David Day Rachael Pruitt, Elaine Ervin, Penny Dawn, Mike Brendan Rick Robinson David J. Corwell, W. H. Horner, Maria V. Snyder Bruce Siskawicz Chris Stout, Lee Allen Howard The Boscos, Sally Bosco Symantha Reagor, Heidi Ruby Miller, Anne Harris Bruce Siskawicz, Jason Jack Miller Kaye Dacus, Meg Mims W. H. Horner, Maria V. Snyder, Lawrence C. Connolly Nicole Peeler, Lee McClai