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From Julie Long and Meredith Cohen, 2011 Pennwriters Conference Coordinators

20 Things You’ll Learn About Craft and Career in Just Three Days:
1. How to start, survive and thrive in a critique group
2. Creating a powerful sense of place in your novel
3. The art of social networking and shameless self-promotion
4. How to balance narrative with dialog
5. Why writing for younger audiences is different
6. How to give a great reading
7. Identifying your learning style to become a better writer
8. Understanding your character’s psychological issues
9. Setting and reaching writing goals
10. How to interview for the nonfiction book
11. How to know if you need a prologue
12. Life balance skills for writers
*13. How fixing your first page can improve your entire manuscript
14. Understanding the creative process and the writer’s inner turmoil
15. Taking your writing to the screen
16. How to perfect your pitch
17. What makes a good memoir
18. Using meditative writing to deepen your story
19. How to research the historical mystery
20. How improv-acting can improve your writing

* by Heidi Ruby Miller and Jason Jack Miller

You’ll learn all this and so much more, from a stellar lineup of agents, writers and professionals. Registration opens in March!


  1. I can't recommend this conference enough. It gave me my first real start in this business, and the tools I needed to land my first book contract.


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