Interview: Adele Cosgrove-Bray Interviews Heidi Ruby Miller


Adele Cosgrove-Bray interviewed me recently for her Hub Page Series:

When she asked me about my writing philosophy, it really hit home because Jason and I often discuss how we feel about writing, how we feel about publishing, how sometimes those are very separate issues for us and just what that means.

If you stop by the interview, please leave a comment there or here or both letting me know.



  1. Hi, Heidi, and how are you this morning?

    I dropped by to let you know that so far, (April 14th), 126 visitors have viewed your interview on Hubpages. That's good going!

    Thank you again for taking part.


  2. That's wonderful to hear, Adele.

    Thank you for having me.

    It was motivating for me to put my writing philosophy into words.

    All the best for us in-betweeners!

    :) Heidi


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