Book: Red Ranger Came Calling


Red Ranger Came CallingRed Ranger Came Calling by Berkeley Breathed

Damsels in Regress had a recent poll about favorite Christmas books. Red Ranger Came Calling by Berkeley Breathed is mine. My husband and I read it every year.

If you've never read it, it's a guaranteed true Christmas story.


  1. It's in at the library! I'm going to pick it up tomorrow after work and read it! Jennifer

  2. How lovely. At Christmas I'm ususally reading something I started in November and hadn't had time to finish because I flaked.
    You take care.
    Every happiness to you and yours,

  3. Jennifer:

    I hope you like it now that I've hyped it so much!


  4. Simone:

    I know what you mean. I have CEMETERY DANCE and IN THE LAKE OF THE WOODS that I started last month and still haven't finished.

    With my schedule I'll probably not finish them until January...

  5. Read it last night. Really liked it. Thanks for the recommendation.


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