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Interview: M. D. Benoit on Meter Destiny

Interviews The following is an account of how M. D. Benoit came to have her third novel published in the Jack Meter series: "As far as I can remember, I’ve always written and told myself stories, but it took the death of a very dear friend to convince me that it was futile to hold down a job I hated instead of doing something I’d always yearned to do: write full-time. Once I had taken that decision, I took a few creative writing classes at our local community college but it was an online writing course that opened the doors for me and convinced me I could do this. In 1995 I joined Writelab , run by a wonderful writer named J. R. Lankford . It was a structured writing course with constructive critique from other would-be writers enrolled in the course. There, I met two wonderful people who eventually became part of my critique group and who still support me and occasionally (virtually) hit me over the head when I’m not meeting my potential. It was also at Writelab that Jac

Celebration: Eugie Foster's Virtual Book Launch

Celebrations I'm sipping mimosas in my favorite Kenneth Coles and mingling with guests around the world at Eugie Foster's virtual launch party for her debut short story collection, RETURNING MY SISTER'S FACE: AND OTHER FAR EASTERN TALES OF WHIMSY AND MALICE , co-hosted by Facebook and LiveJournal . And, I brought my Mum with me - that's us in the photo. If champagne isn't your tipple, of course Eugie has sake too. And, she has party prizes. The grand prize is an autographed copy of RETURNING MY SISTER'S FACE , which will be awarded by a random drawing to be held at the end of today. To get your chance to win, either: • Tell others on your blog about RETURNING MY SISTER'S FACE with a link to Eugie's LiveJournal party co-host page (; or • Join Eugie's Facebook group . See you here!