Submissions: 2008 Submissions and Responses


I always like to look back on my submissions record for the previous year right around this time, so here are my statistics for 2008, along with commentary:

68 total submissions
*The total is 58 less than 2007 and much less than the Buckell 150 I've been striving for annually, but the results of these meager submissions were encouraging.

15 rejections
*These are from various sources for a variety of projects, some agented, some freelance (mags, agents, online media, editors).

3 withdrawals
*All withdrawals were for online publications, 2 of which turned out to be of questionable integrity.

1 other
*I created the "other" category for circumstances which cannot be covered under the usual headings; in this instance, it was a bad e-addy with no way to find an alternate one.

20 non-responders
*This isn't as cut and dry as it would seem because either my agent or me are still in direct contact, negotiations, etc. with 5 of these sources.


30 acceptances
*The most I have ever gotten within the six years I have been keeping submission records. And, on 4 of these occasions, I was asked to submit my work based on my online presence and past publications.

5 rejections
*So the longer they have it doesn't necessarily mean the better your chances? :)

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