Conference: 2008 WPF In Your Write Mind Retreat and Seton Hill Residency


Almost There Panel_June 2008Almost There Panel at WPF In Your Write Mind Retreat and Conference from L to R: Heidi Ruby Miller, J. A. Konrath, Uwe Stender of TriadaUS Literary Agency, Jason Jack Miller, and K. J. Howe

We had a full schedule of workshops and panels at the Seton Hill WPF In Your Write Mind Retreat and Conference, as well as thesis readings and graduation for the WPF Graduate Residency, which was running concurrently.

I moderated the "Almost There" panel about those of us in the middle stages of the novel publishing process: after the classes have been taken, the books have been written, and the queries sent out, how do you keep up your momentum?

Here are a few other photos from the residency and retreat.

Red Star_WPF Retreat 2008WPF attendees at Red Star

Red Star2_WPF Retreat 2008WPF attendees at Red Star

Tim Esaias_WPF Retreat 2008WPF mentor Timons Esaias at Adrienne Kapp's thesis defense

Adrienne Kapp Thesis_June 2008WPF graduate Adrienne Kapp at her thesis defense

Grad Luncheon_WPF Retreat 2008Seton Hill WPF graduate luncheon

Grad Luncheon2_WPF Retreat 2008Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction graduate luncheon

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