Photo Series: 2008 WPF In Your Write Mind Retreat - The Booksigning

Heidi and Joe_WPF Retreat 2008Heidi Ruby Miller and J.A. Konrath

On Friday night we had a mass signing for participating authors of the Seton Hill WPF In Your Write Mind Conference and Retreat at the Greensburg Barnes and Noble. The Pittsburgh Tribune Review did an article about the signing.

Book Signing_WPF Retreat 2008Penny Dawn, Alayne Adams, and Shelley Adina

Wil and Gary_WPF Retreat 2008W. H. Horner and Gary Frank

Sally Melanie and Maria_WPF Retreat 2008Sally Bosco, Maria V. Snyder, and Melanie Card

Lawrence Lee and Chun_WPF Retreat 2008Lawrence C. Connolly, Lee Allen Howard, and Chun Lee

Matt and Natt_WPF Retreat 2008Matt and Natalie Duvall

Jennifer_WPF Retreat 2008Jennifer Brisendine

Ed and Marge_WPF Retreat 2008Ed Kellerman and Marge Burke

Carmine Coco DeYoung and Tim Waggoner_WPF Retreat 2008Carmine Coco DeYoung and Tim Waggoner

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