Photo Series: 2008 WPF In Your Write Mind Retreat

Photo Series

Heidi and Mike_WPF Retreat 2008Heidi Ruby Miller and Michael A. Arnzen

I finally have a bit of time to post some photos from the 2008 WPF In Your Write Mind Retreat sponsored by the Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction Alumni.

Here is the first evening.

Karen and Leslie_WPF Retreat 2008Karen Lynn Williams and Leslie Davis Guccione

Chris Ron and Tim_WPF Retreat 2008Chris and Ron Edison and Timons Esaias

Wine and Desert_WPF Retreat 2008Heidi Ruby Miller, Ginjer Buchanan, Kelly, and Maria V. Snyder

Lawrence and Melanie_WPF Retreat 2008Lawrence C. Connolly and Melanie Card

Maria Jason and Tricky_WPF Retreat 2008Maria V. Snyder, Jason Jack Miller, and Michael Mehalek

Penny and Al_WPF Retreat 2008Penny Dawn and Albert Wendland

Natalie and Marge_WPF Retreat 2008Natalie Duvall and Marge Burke

Tricky and Sabrina_WPF Retreat 2008Michael Mehalek and Sabrina Naples

Al and Judy_WPF Retreat 2008Albert Wendland and Judy Fleming

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