May Field Notes from Heidi Ruby Miller

I sent out the May issue of Field Notes and am happy to report that I've gained subscribers since launching the new format last month.

Here's an excerpt from the Research section:

After my husband and I got married in 1998, we had to decide if we would apply to the anthropology graduate program at the University of Pittsburgh or move to Orlando to work at Walt Disney World. We had an intense interest in Mayan archaeology, and the faculty at Pitt aligned with our interests. But in the end, "the mouse" won, and we enjoyed an extended honeymoon at the happiest place on Earth. However, we remain avid Mayaphiles and keep up with the current research in the field.

Our fascination with this culture has served us well and provided a backdrop for a novel a piece. Most recently, I have gone back through our collection of Mayan-related books to write a SAT passage about epigraphy, the science of translating ancient hieroglyphics. The artistry is breathtaking, but the complex form of writing is amazing...

If you would like to subscribe to Field Notes from Heidi Ruby Miller, please email me at heidirubymiller AT gmail DOT com.



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