A Meme to Take You Away - The Illustrated Version

I seldom do memes any more, probably because I limit myself to how much time I spend on the internet per day, but Sandy Lender (read her PICK SIX here) emailed me to say she'd tagged me for this one, so I took the time to have a little fun.

To participate in a meme, you merely answer the questions on your own blog, (and go ahead and post a comment here stating that you've done so!) and tag five to 10 blog owners that you'd like to have play along with us. The idea is to get lots of folks connected and "playing along" to increase our awareness of each other (and to have fun). When you post your answers on your blog, be sure to list the blogs that have participated so far so we increase our presence in the blogosphere.

1) If you could live for a month in one world or time period from a novel you've read, which would you choose?
In the Florida Keys with Randy Wayne White's Doc Ford
Black Widow_Randy Wayne WhiteBlack Widow by Randy Wayne White

2) If you could be one character from a comic book or fiction series, who would it be?
Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt
Treasure of KhanTreasure of Khan by Clive Cussler

3) Where (in the real world) is your dream vacation spot?
Costa Rica.
playa mantaPunta Leona, Costa Rica (2004)

4) Name a celebrity or TV personality with whom you would like to have lunch.
Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race, because he has my dream job.
Phil KeoghanPhil Keoghan

Blogs Tagged by Sandy Lender at www.todaythedragonwins.blogspot.com:
Sandy Lender_Heidi\'s Pick SixSandy Lender

Blogs Tagged by Heidi Ruby Miller:
Jason Jack Miller at jaguarpaddler
Crystal Miller at _dolphy_
Mary SanGiovanni at The Way Dead Girls Whisper
Christopher Paul Carey at cpcarey
K. Ceres Wright at dohlman

If you're not on the meme list of participants above but you want to get in on the game, that's cool. You can certainly do so. Just copy the list of questions and list of participating blogs into a post on your blog, type in your answers, and type in the list of folks you're inviting to participate. Let me know that you've joined in the game in the comment field here so I can check out your blog and add you to the scene.

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