Some Seton Hill Writer News

#1: The "In Your Write Mind" Conference sponsored by the Seton Hill WPF Alumni has its two Keynote Speakers - Ginjer Buchanan, Editor in Chief at Penguin Group USA and best-selling mystery and speculative fiction author J. A. Konrath. (Here's last year's PICK SIX with J. A. Konrath.) The conference will be June 27 - 29, 2008. More details as they come in.

#2: Horror Mall is streaming the "Psycho Hunter" track from Michael A. Arnzen's cd AUDIOVILE.

#3: Tammy Swoish's YA Novel Hot Scots, Castles, and Kilts was just released from Random House.

#4: The following Seton Hill horror writers made it on the 2007 Stoker Preliminary Ballot:
Michael A. Arnzen, Gary Braunbeck, and Mary SanGiovanni

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