EVENT: Seton Hill June 2007 Residency Series - The Residency


This series is The Residency.

It has more photos than thoughts, but it's no less entertaining. After five of my own residencies as a Seton Hill WPF student, I was able to observe the process as a grad this June. It was still just as incredible.

Mike Mehalek

Dr. Lee McClain at a thesis defense

During the day the 80 plus graduate students attend two sets of three hour modules which not only discuss craft, but also offer insights into the business aspect of publishing to better prepare graduates for a writing life after Seton Hill. At any one time there are four simultaneous sessions happening at once. Choosing can sometimes be heart-breaking.

Matt Donahue and Heidi Ruby Miller

The mentors come from diverse writing backgrounds and genres. I believe this diversity is one of the strengths of the WPF Program because though I chose the SF track, I learned so much from and welcomed the perspective of those teaching about and writing Romance, Mystery, YA, Children's, Horror, Fantasy, and Mainstream. It made me a more well-rounded writer and reader; but, of course, a graduate program should challenge what you think you know about everything.

Leslie Davis Guccione

Sabrina Naples consulting with Timons Esaias

Dr. Michael A. Arnzen

Diane Turnshek introduces J.L. Gribble

Graduating students must also teach a module during their final residency as part of their graduation requirements. This is wonderful practice and a resume point for future speaking engagements at conventions, conferences, universities, local organizations, etc. That last residency is even busier than the typical fifteen to sixteen-hour days of a normal residency, but so rewarding.

During Jason Jack Miller's teaching module

Dr. Albert Wendland introduces Jason Jack Miller

And because we work so hard during the day, we have lots of fun at night. Socializing and networking is an important aspect of the program. This community of writers at all levels inspires me, offers me advice and perspective, consoles me, apprises me of events and marketing news, and reminds me that I'm not alone as a writer. Someone is either going through what I am, already went through it, or is about to go through it. I can't tell you how reassuring that is.

K. Ceres Wright, Rachael Pruitt, and J.L. Gribble

Chun Lee and Danielle Hinesly at the pirate-themed wine social

Patricia Tighe, Melissa Doll, and Monica Spence

Marcus Christian, Mike Mehalek, Heidi Ruby Miller, and Jason Jack Miller


  1. Awesome retrospective! Those pictures are so lively. Great write-up, Heidi... this really drives it home: we really do have a great assemblage of writers and passion at SHU.

  2. Thank you, Mike.

    You know how much I love that place and those people. ;)


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