EVENT: Millionaire Viewing Party


Thank you to everyone at Seton Hill for hosting such a wonderful viewing party for me, especially Becca Baker who acted as my "publicist" during one of the busiest weeks of my life.
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I even got to meet the president of the university.
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If you didn't catch the show, I used my last two lifelines (including calling Toby), but missed the $50,000 question so went home with $25,000. That and the experience of working with the people on the show was worth the wait in line at auditions and the trip to New York. It was all truly incredible.

At residency I gave Toby a copy of Yertl the Turtle because neither of us will ever forget that question. :)

One last thank you to my other phone-a-friends: Maria Snyder, Pat Picciarelli, Mike Arnzen, and my Mum Sharon Ruby. And, also a thank you to Jason Jack Miller for being my on-air companion and my life companion.


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