PUBLICATION: Staying Creative, Staying Productive by Heidi Ruby Miller in The Pennwriter

I wrote an article for The Pennwriter based on my and Jason's workshop "Staying Creative, Staying Productive" for AllAccessCon, the media arm of RDSP. We added the subtitle: (But Only If You Want To).

Here's an excerpt:

Once social distancing began in March 2020, AllAccessCon’s audience of creators needed them more than ever because most of those creators found themselves frozen by the stress and surrealness of living through a pandemic. Jason and I were chosen for the workshop because we weren’t frozen we’d actually managed to increase our productivity during this time. That’s not because we’re more professional or superhuman or harbor a particularly effusive joie de vivre attitude. We wrote (we write) to battle the fear, the sadness, the daily existential crises. We needed routine, stability, escape.

If you need any of those things, maybe the following will help, but if it doesn’t and you can’t produce right now, let me be the first to tell you that it’s okay. This is a terrible time, no hyperbole necessary. You’ll come back to writing. Maybe after reading this article, maybe next month or a year from now. You’ll come back when you can, when writing helps you deal with the stress, not adds to it. That being said, here’s what we shared with the workshop group that day. It’s divided into four main categories: SCHEDULING, OUTLINING, EXERCISING, and RESTING.


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