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VIDEO: Heidi Ruby Miller Interviews Albert Wendland

I interviewed Science Fiction author Albert Wendland about his new poetry collection Temporary Planets for Transitory Days . The book contains the poems of Mykol Ranglen , the main character in Al's novels The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes and In a Suspect Universe . The launch was hosted by AllAccessCon , the media arm of Raw Dog Screaming Press , the parent company of publisher Dog Star Books .

NEWSLETTER: SMALL SPACE BIG LIFE Spring 2020 Vol. 5 - Staying Creative Staying Productive

NEWSLETTERS The fifth edition of our combined newsletter Small Space Big Life , the same name as our YouTube channel , is in in-boxes now. In case you missed the other editions, you can find them here: JANUARY 2020 OCTOBER 2019 JUNE 2019 JANUARY 2019 We're celebrating our online community and giving you lots of reading recommendations. Enjoy! READ THE REST HERE. AND SUBSCRIBE HERE.