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HEIDI'S PICK SIX: Carrie Gessner

HEIDI'S PICK SIX CARRIE GESSNER 1. Which of your characters is your favorite? I like all of them for different reasons! But just in The Dying of the Golden Day, even if I lean toward Aurelia, I have to go with Mira. She’s smart, funny, confident, and badass enough to have conquered an empire. She’s kind of everything I want to be (yes, including the empire conquering!). 2. Tell me about your travels. 3. Coffee, tea, or milk? Tea! My favorite is black Earl Grey. 4. What else can you do besides write? 5. Who are you reading right now? For a writer, I have terrible reading habits and hop between a bunch of books at once. My primary books right now are The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years by Chingiz Aimatov, The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene, and Bombshells Vol 1: Enlisted by Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage. 6. Pop culture or academia? 7. What is the toughest scene you ever wrote? 8. Where do you find your inspirations to write? 9. Food you could ea

BOOK SPOT: Starrie in Pittsburgh

BOOK SPOT Hilary Neal of Pittsburgh holding her copy of Starrie (From the World of Ambasadora) . Thanks much for the support, Hilary!

EVENT: Whiskey and Words at Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden

EVENTS We hope you can attend our upcoming event Whiskey and Words on Wednesday, October 12th from 5pm- 9pm at Wigle Whiskey's Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden in Pittsburgh's Northside. In addition to our fabulous line-up of authors, we will also have delicious Whiskey cocktails, Burgh Bites Food Truck and the Mangini Trio. This event is free to attend. 21+.  Link:   Facebook page: Hope to see you all there!

EVENT: PARSEC Talk "How Chronic Pain Has Made Me More Autotelic" by Heidi Ruby Miller

EVENTS Meeting October 8, 2016 - Heidi Ruby Miller "How Chronic Pain Has Made Me More Autotelic" What started as a forced transition due to health concerns has turned into a wondrous full-circle journey as a creator, both metaphorically and globally. This is how I found my way back from writing as a daily business to embracing my words as the artistic endeavor it is. Squirrel Hill Branch of the Carnegie Library Room B - Next to the Rear Entrance 1:30 - 4:30 PM

INTERVIEW: Heidi Ruby Miller by Michael A. Arnzen at SIGMA

INTERVIEWS EXCERPT: Last year I gave a talk on “The Popular Uncanny” at Parsec, and Heidi Ruby Miller (my colleague in the MFA program at Seton Hill U, and my co-editor for the book, Many Genres One Craft), kindly interviewed me about the subject for SIGMA. I decided to return the favor, as she’s coming to speak to the group again on October 8th. If you haven’t met her before, you’ll see that Heidi is always effervescent and excited to talk about genre fiction. Here’s a taste of her wide range of interests and passions. MIKE: Tell us briefly about your latest book, STARRIE. HEIDI: Starrie was a nice side project within the Ambasadora-verse that adds to the main series’ mythos and sets up some events in Book 2: Scarred by Light . Surprisingly, it’s been my most critically acclaimed book so far, even though it’s not part of the original series. Read the entire interview in SIGMA.