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EVENT: DogCon 5 at Broadkill Writers Resort

EVENTS DogCon is a big shindig that publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press holds every year to celebrate books, authors and all our supporters. It’s a chance for the RDSP family to get together, meet each other, show off the latest works and begin new creative ventures. DogCon 5 at Broadkill Beach in Milton, DE! At last year’s DogCon we announced that we were acquiring a beach house writing resort . This year, we’re inviting you to come see it! Activities will be running Friday to Monday but Saturday, October 1st and Sunday October 2nd will be the main event. Each DogCon is different and this one will be more about strengthening the RDSP author community than having public book events. Activities on Saturday & Sunday afternoon/evening will be aimed at the public but other times will be more for the authors. However, anyone is still welcome to hang out the whole time. Plans are evolving but here are some of the things we will definitely do: Group meals/snacks (likely a shrim

VIDEO: SMALL SPACE BIG LIFE: It's the Best Thing Ever Intro

VIDEOS Here's the intro to our new series It's the Best Thing Ever...This Week on SMALL SPACE BIG LIFE , the travel and lifestyle YouTube channel I started with my husband, Jason Jack Miller . Also find our photos on Instagram with #smallspacebiglife @heidirubymiller and @jasonjackmiller .