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AUDIOBOOK: Audiovile by Michael A. Arnzen

AUDIOBOOKS Audiovile: The Expanded Digital Edition Audiovile was originally released as a CD in 2007 by Raw Dog Screaming Press , breaking new ground in spoken word horror. Now, this newly "Expanded Digital Edition" includes high quality digital versions of all the tracks, including those featuring Jason Jack Miller on banjo, then DOUBLES the size of the original release, featuring EXCLUSIVE performances which were not included with original 16-track CD, most appearing here for the first time. And if you purchase the full album, you get access to BONUS FEATURES: an ebook companion with stories and related articles; printable CD inserts; a photograph gallery; the "Brain Candy" music video (animated by Jennifer Barnes ); and a secret bonus audio track to add to your collection!

BOOK SPOT: Starrie and James Blair

BOOK SPOT James Blair holding his copy of Starrie at Seton Hill's WPF June residency. Thanks to James and the many others who grace my acknowledgments page.

BOOK: Steel Magic by J.L. Gribble

BOOKS STEEL MAGIC Funerals are usually the end of the story, not the beginning. Newly graduated warrior-mages Toria Connor and Kane Nalamas find themselves the last remaining mages in the city when a mage school teacher mysteriously falls ill and dies. But taking over the school themselves isn't in the cards. They're set to become professional mercenaries-if they make it through the next 18 months as journeymen first. The debate over whether to hunt mutated monsters in the Wasteland or take posh bodyguard jobs is put on hold when a city elder hires them to solve the mystery of the disappearing mages. Toria and Kane's quest brings them to the British colonial city of New Angouleme, where their initial investigation reveals that the problem is even greater than they feared. But when a friend is kidnapped, they'll have to travel to the other side of the globe to save her, save themselves, and save magic itself. COVER BY BRADLEY SHARP By day, J. L. Gribble is