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EVENT: Heidi Ruby Miller at Mt. Pleasant Writer's Circle

EVENTS Thank you to Fred Adams for arranging this talk.

EVENT: Doors to the Universe Book Signing at Copyleft Gallery (Photos)

EVENTS Thanks to Diane Turnshek , Barb Carlson , and Parsec for throwing a lovely event at Copyleft Gallery in Pittsburgh. The Doors to the Universe exposition combined science fiction and fantasy art and literature for a fun evening of food and conversation. Among the writers who were signing their books were Timons Esaias , Heidi Ruby Miller , Jason Jack Miller , Ellen Roth , Henry T. Lund , Stephanie Keyes , and J.D. Barker . Here are some more photos from the event.

CAST YOUR CHARACTERS: Sabotaged Desires by Rebecca Airies

CAST YOUR CHARACTERS SABOTAGED DESIRES AUTHOR: REBECCA AIRIES PUBLISHER: RED SAGE DESCRIPTION: Suz Lore thought she had everything she wanted, a job as an engineer and a position on a colony ship headed to another planet. That was before her arranged ménage marriage with Robert Smith and David Bradford turned into a disaster. She’d thought they were building more than a sizzling sexual relationship, but all they do is argue now. She isn't surprised when they're sequestered in a room in order to reignite the passion between them and learn to trust again. Robert believes she betrayed him while David is stuck in the middle of their conflict. Getting Robert to talk about what made him angry is difficult, but they discover there's far more behind their problems than a message with misleading information. A virus has overtaken the ship's computers, put them on a different heading and cut them off from all communication. They must work together to find a way to su

BOOK: The Curiosity Killers by K.W. Taylor

BOOKS THE CURIOSITY KILLERS In the twenty-second century, a second Civil War is decades past. The states of the New British Empire have been reduced to working with Victorian-era technology—that is, except physicist Edward Vere, who invents time travel with a little help from aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright. Vere partners with historian Ben Jonson to monetize the invention, founding the first time travel agency. Unbeknownst to them, a serial killer is using the technology to murder without detection. When Ben discovers the killer has targeted the woman he loves, the mild-mannered academic must become brave enough to change history rather than merely observing it. What They’re Saying About The Curiosity Killers “Taylor’s first foray into science-fiction borrows from her urban fantasy and horror background for a unique spin on the time travel novel. The Curiosity Killers is an exciting adventure set in a beautifully detailed alternate United States with enough serial killers, mon

EVENT: Doors to the Universe Book Signing at Copyleft Gallery

EVENTS As part of their awesome Popup Art Event: Doors to the Universe, Copyleft Gallery is teaming up with PARSEC , Pittsburgh's premier speculative fiction organization, to host a multi-author book signing and party on Friday, May 13, 2016 from 6-10 PM. Come see our world! The event is free and open to the public. No registration or RSVP necessary. Venue is wheelchair accessible at 127 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15210 . Featured authors include: Timons Esaias Heidi Ruby Miller Jason Jack Miller Ellen Roth Henry T. Lund Stephanie Keyes J.D. Barker Editor Barb Carlson with Parsec Ink books Thank you to Diane Turnshek for coordinating this event!

ARTICLE: The Dubai Betrayal by Jeremy Burns at The Big Thrill by Heidi Ruby Miller

ARTICLES Jeremy Burns travels…constantly, but right now he’s settling into his new office and celebrating the release of THE DUBAI BETRAYAL, a geopolitical spy thriller featuring Wayne Wilkins, a fan favorite from Burns’s acclaimed first novel, From the Ashes . As if providing the soundtrack to this fierce new book—in which Wilkins leads an elite group of black ops soldiers into Dubai to rescue the U.S. Ambassador to Israel—the adrenaline-pumping Celldweller comes up on Burns’s playlist while he sifts through photos and other mementos of his travels... Read the entire interview in The Big Thrill Magazine . And, check out more about Jeremy Burns and his books.