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TWEET LOVE from @DABale1 on Starrie

TWEET LOVE Like space opera? Read my review of @heidirubymiller novel STARRIE #bookreviews #IARTG #IAN1 — D A Bale (@DABale1) March 23, 2016

BOOK: Sehmah's Truth (Beneath the Willow Book 1) by A.J. Culey

BOOKS SEHMAH'S TRUTH She created his world and made him the hero of her story. Now she's living that story with him. Samantha and her twin brother spent their childhood creating an imaginary world beneath the willow tree in their backyard. In the aftermath of his death, Samantha writes one final story destroying their creation. Two years later, she is unexpectedly transported to their fantasy world, where she is immediately targeted by assassins. On the run, with danger at every turn, she meets characters she once created and recognizes storylines she herself wrote. However, this story is darker than she remembers, and no longer follows the path she originally penned. Desperate to make amends for certain storylines and to prevent others, Samantha joins forces with Takeem, the hero of every story she’s ever written. As they travel through his world, they learn truths about his past and the loss of his world’s ancestral magicks. As these truths are revealed, Samantha and

CAST YOUR CHARACTERS: Notes of Temptation by Rebecca Halsey

CAST YOUR CHARACTERS NOTES OF TEMPTATION: HOLLYWOOD JAZZ BOOK 1 AUTHOR: REBECCA HALSEY PUBLISHER: SAMHAIN PUBLISHING, LTD DESCRIPTION: Together they take the stage. Together they must defend it to the death. When Carrie Cooper leaves her small gold-mining town to seek her fortune, it’s not until she arrives in L.A. that she learns her college certificate is a fraud. The only work available is in a less-than-respectable speakeasy. The job comes with the opportunity to take the stage with Oz Dean, the club’s captivating bandleader. But rivals out for her blood along with her place in the spotlight lurk behind the curtain. Oz Dean has the rare ability to “see” music as brilliant colors, but nothing has ever dazzled him like Carrie’s pure, choirgirl voice. With a mob debt hanging over his head like a guillotine, he organizes a revue that will launch them all to stardom. Unfortunately, his bold move attracts exactly the kind of criminal attention he’d like to avoid. Mired