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BOOK: The Hedgerows of June by Ron Shannon

BOOKS The Hedgerows of June France, late June 1944. The town of Saint-Lô is an important Nazi transportation hub in occupied France and the experienced German Army is determined to defend it. An inexperienced American Army is equally determined to conquer Saint-Lô. The result is the Battle of the Hedgerows, one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. A British spy, Chris Weymouth, and an American expatriate, Mary McCorkel, meet at the home of Jean-Claire, an aging French Resistance operative. She tells Chris they have been given the responsibility to reunite four children with their fugitive parents in Saint-Lô. Chris is reluctant to take the dangerous mission, but Jean-Claire tells him he has no choice. The OSS has ordered Chris to get the children to Saint-Lô for purposes he is not permitted to discuss with Mary. Mary has her own secret reasons for making the journey. To get to Saint-Lô they must cross the treacherous French farmland known as the bocage, or hedgerows, and

BOOK: Virgin Quest by Mark Radford

BOOKS Virgin Quest is a romantic comedy unfolding within a mystery. Tom Webber was ready for the race of a lifetime - the Virgin Quest, where moral values is the key to winning the heart of a decent woman. Finding love, hampered by lustful temptations and the chaotic obstacles that threaten to derail the whole Virgin Quest race. Can Tom win through in this satire on the romance game with a touch of mystery? Mark Radford is a deaf British author born in 1964, who has been living on the south coast of England for over 30 years. After many dormant years, his writing dream was revived when in mid 1998 ill health caused him to lose his job on medical grounds. It was diagnosed as Menieres. During the recovery period, he enrolled in two creative writing courses that led to writing qualifications and two books were written in that time, one of which was 'Early Memory', his debut publication release. A full biography of the author can be found at his website

VIDEO: Pulp Crazy - Two Hawks from Earth by Philip Jose Farmer with Mention of Dakota's Gate by Heidi Ruby Miller

VIDEOS Jason Aiken of Pulp Crazy wishes Philip Jose Farmer a Happy Birthday by taking a look at Two Hawks from Earth . He mentions the latest edition from Monkey Brain Books with a foreword by Christopher Paul Carey and my follow up story "Dakota's Gate" from The Worlds of Philip Jose Farmer 3: Portraits of a Trickster from Meteor House Books (8 minutes in). The Worlds of Philip Jose Farmer 3: Portraits of a Trickster Foreword by Frederik Pohl Peoria-Colored Worlds Missing the Wit and Creativity by Michael Bailey Down in Phil Farmer's Basement by Steven Connelly Over All, After All by Philip José Farmer Of Friendships and Influences The Holy Spirit of Science Fiction by Bruce Sterling A Box of Influence by Chris Garcia Wild Weird Clime by Philip José Farmer To Be, or Not to Be by Tom Wode Bellman Worlds in Disguise Trout Masque Rectifier by Jonathan Swift Somers III Kilgore, Kurt, and Me by David M. Harris The Many Dooms of Harold Hall by Cha

EVENT: Seton Hill Residency January 2015 (in Photos)

EVENTS A snowy, but fun winter residency for Seton Hill University's MFA program in Writing Popular Fiction . It was the first time I had graduating mentees. Congratulations to Lana Hechtman Ayers , Jeff Evans , Crystal Forkan , Tyler Peel , and the rest of the graduates! Here are some highlights in photos:

VIDEO: Vector Art - Brad Sharp - Adobe Illustrator - Vox Automation ERP - including Ambasadora Series Covers

VIDEOS Here's a great video of Bradley Sharp's illustrations, including my book covers for Marked by Light , Greenshift , and Starrie , along with several other Dog Star Books covers.

RESEARCH: Life after the MFA by Heidi Ruby Miller

RESEARCH UPDATED - JUNE 2016! YOU WROTE A WHOLE BOOK. CONGRATULATIONS! NOW WHAT? LIFE AFTER THE WPF PROGRAM The following is an outline from a class I teach for the graduating students during their last residency in Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction Graduate Program . I am a WPF alumna and now adjunct faculty and a mentor there. PURSUITS 1. More education 2. Teaching 3. Organizational memberships 4. Jobs in publishing industry 5. Something else entirely 6. Hybrid of options 7. Publication 1. MORE EDUCATION A. Online offerings GoGRAD - Poets & Writers - NewPages - AWP - B. Local schools C. Letters of recommendation/references - professors, mentors, peers, and alum 2. TEACHING A. Online listings HigherEdJobs - http://www.hig