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BOOKS: Goodreads 2014 List

BOOKS In 2011 I read 34 books-- you can see them all here . In 2012 I read 40 books-- you can see them all here. In 2013 I read 20 books-- you can see them all here. In 2014 I managed to surpass my goal, just barely, and read 33 books. They are below. 2014 Reading Challenge Heidi has completed her goal of reading 30 books in 2014! hide 34 of 30 (100%) view books (NOTE: The Goodreads widget shows 34 books because for some irritating reason it counts Corpus Chrome twice. I didn't, as I just thought that was cheating.) INTERESTING STATISTICS ABOUT MY 2014 BOOKS: 23 - print books (5 signed) 16 - books from Big 5 publishers 12 - books by authors I have read previously 10 - female authors 10 - science fiction books 9 - books from 8 different series 7 - books by Seton Hill Writers 7 - holiday books 6 - books by IT

BOOK: Jinn and Juice by Nicole Peeler

BOOKS Jinn and Juice is the first in a new series by fantasy writer, Nicole Peeler, set in a world of immortal curses, powerful jinni and belly dancing. Cursed to be a jinni for a thousand years, Leila nears the end of her servitude — only to be bound once again against her will. Will she risk all to be human? Born in ancient Persia, Leila turned to her house Jinni, Kouros, for help escaping an arranged marriage. Kouros did make it impossible for her to marry — by cursing Leila to live a thousand years as a Jinni herself. If she can remain unBound, Leila’s curse will soon be over. But Ozan Sawyer, a Magi with the ability to See, Call, and Bind jinn has other plans. Oz needs Leila to help him penetrate Pittsburgh’s steel-soaked magic, a juice potent but poisonous to supernatural creatures, in order to find a missing girl with her own mysterious connection to Kouros. Unfortunately for Leila, becoming Bound to Oz may risk more than just her chance to be human once more — it could

BOOK: Life in the No-Dating Zone by Patricia B. Tighe

Life in the No-Dating Zone After surviving her parents' relationship drama when her older sister elopes, Claire Gardner vows not to date during high school. Now, three years later, Claire is thrown into new relationship drama—her two best friends have boyfriends. Which means Claire is spending more and more time alone. And she's more than a little peeved. Enter Gray Langley. His year-long crush on Claire's friend Lindsey has made him desperate enough to ask Claire for help with pursuing Lindsey. Hesitant at first, Claire finally agrees—anything to get rid of Lindsey's current evil boyfriend. But as Claire and Gray plot together, Claire has to fight the sparks of attraction flying everywhere. Because she can't be with Gray unless she gives up her vow. And how can she handle the pain that'll come from confronting her parents with the reasons for that vow? Claire has to decide . . . unless, of course, Gray decides first. Patricia B. Tighe is not the writer

BOOK: Lionel's Christmas Adventure by Paul R. Hewlett

BOOKS Lionel's Christmas Adventure Have you ever wanted something you couldn’t have? Lionel desperately wants a new sled and he will do almost anything to get it. This fun Christmas story follows Lionel from Larrystown to the North Pole. Filled with great Christmas imagery, this book is perfect for young readers and school or family story time. This holiday season, be careful what you wish for, you never know what might happen! Paul R. Hewlett writes books for children. His first book is Lionel's Grand Adventure: Lionel and the Golden Rule. It is an early chapter book for ages 7-10. It is the first book in the Lionel's Grand Adventure series. Paul is a US Air Force vet who is married and has a "senior" dog named Joe that he and his wife adopted from the local rescue facility. His aim is to increase and foster children's interest in reading by combining entertainment and values.

BOOK BUNDLE: Preston Black Mix Tape by Jason Jack Miller

BOOKS The PRESTON BLACK MIX TAPE bundle is a literary box set! (Almost 220,000 words of Preston Black goodness.) You get both Preston Black novels— THE DEVIL & PRESTON BLACK and THE REVELATIONS OF PRESTON BLACK , plus two short stories that were only available in other anthologies. ALMOST A NEW YEAR is a vignette that shows how family and friends deal with the loss of a deployed soldier, in this case Stu Croe. RHYTHM OF WAR is Ben Collins’ first person account of his role in the Battle of Fallujah. In addition to the stories above, you get the following essays, articles, and non-fiction bits Jason published in various places over the course of writing the first two Preston Black novels: THE DEVIL & PRESTON BLACK Reading & Resource Guide THE REVELATIONS OF PRESTON BLACK Reading & Resource Guide THE MUSIC OF THE REVELATIONS OF PRESTON BLACK JASON JACK MILLER’S SOUNDCHECK: DON’T BE THAT GUY! THE FINAL SAY IN THE CONCERT T-SHIRT DEBATE JASON JACK MILLER’S SOUND