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Greenshift Updated on Kindle

If you purchased Greenshift for your Kindle--first of all, thank you!--and please know that I've uploaded a new version of the novel with the following updates: 1) The book has been reformatted with a new lay out to match the upcoming paperback version from Dog Star Books . 2) Some scenes have been revised extensively to match the upcoming paperback version. 3) A new foreword by bestselling author Dana Marton is now included with the book. 4) There is a new cover by artist Bradley Sharp . Some of you may have already received an email concerning the update or some of you may have your Whisper Sync set to automatically upload new versions of books you've purchased when your WiFi is turned on for your Kindle. If neither of these options pertain to you, but you'd like the updated version of the book, here's how to get it: 1) Make sure you are logged into your Amazon account. 2) Find the drop down box in the upper right hand corner which says, "Your Account