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PUBLICATIONS: Publication List for Heidi Ruby Miller

PUBLICATIONS HEIDI RUBY MILLER - BIBLIOGRAPHY Low-Residency MFA Handbook: A Guide for Prospective Creative Writing Students. May, Lori A. Continuum, January 2011. "Almost There." The Pennwriter. Vol. XVIII No. 6; Nov. - Dec. 2010. "Sounds in the Jungle." Eye Contact. Fall 2010. "Starship Stowaways." Beyond Centauri. April 2010. "A Tale of Two Towns: Uniontown." PA Pursuits Magazine. Spring 2010. "Owners of Hagan Ice Cream Work with Frank Lloyd Wright to Turn Timbered Farmland into a Deluxe Usonian Setting." Pittsburgh G20 Summit Press Room. September 2009. "What Philip Jose Farmer Taught Me." Farmercon IV The Philip Jose Farmer Memorial Gathering program. June 2009. “Pennsylvania Wilds.” 2009 Pennsylvania Pursuits Insiders Guide. January 2009. "The Surrender." The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008. Ed. Jordan Lapp, Camille Gooderham Campbell, and Steven Smethurst. Vancouver, Canada: Every Day

Message: From the Authors Guild about Wiley Response

Message From The Authors Guild : Late yesterday afternoon, John Wiley issued a press release disputing some of the assertions in our alert of yesterday morning. In our alert, we called Wiley's April letter to its Bloomberg Press authors "deceptive" and "misleading" and that it would "materially and adversely affect the royalty rates of many Bloomberg Press authors." We stand by every word of our alert, and we again call on Wiley to start over. No sensible Bloomberg author with a contract providing royalties based on the retail list price of their book would have signed Wiley's amendment if they were fully aware of its effects. Wiley should send Bloomberg authors a new letter, informing the authors that they are disregarding any previous consents to Wiley's proposed contract changes and clearly explaining how the new terms they're suggesting differ from the authors' existing contracts. Or, as Scott Turow put it on reviewing their

Message: From the Authors Guild about Bloomberg Press

Messages From The Authors Guild John Wiley & Sons acquired Bloomberg Press, the books division of Bloomberg, in March. At the end of April, it began sending a letter to hundreds of Bloomberg Press authors purporting to inform them "about a few differences in the accounting systems of Bloomberg and Wiley that it will be helpful for you to know about." While this sounds innocent enough, it isn't. If signed by an author, the letter is actually a contract amendment that will materially and adversely affect the royalty rates of many Bloomberg Press authors. Among other things, this contract amendment would: 1. Change royalty rates based on retail list price to rates based on net receipts. We've reviewed several Bloomberg Press contracts. All provide for royalty payments based on the retail list price (although we understand that there may be many based on net receipts). The Wiley letter misleadingly presents this to the author as good news: "We are pleas