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Signing: Preston and Child in Pittsburgh

Signings jason jack miller, heidi ruby miller, douglas preston, lincoln child Over the weekend we went to Joseph-Beth Booksellers at Pittsburgh's South Side Works to see Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child . We took several of our books from home and bought their latest Pendergast Novel The Wheel of Darkness , as well as Child's new novel Terminal Freeze . This was special for me because these guys, along with Clive Cussler , Michael Crichton , and Arthur C. Clarke are why I started to write in the first place.


PATHS TO PUBLICATION Saved by the Monarch by Dana Marton Many years ago, I had a job as an afternoon receptionist at a company. The morning receptionist was a Harlequin reading maniac. We shared the same desk and every drawer was filled to the brim with Harlequin novels. Since work was slow, I began reading those little books in between answering the phone. (Romance writers must learn to multitask.) Soon I was reading them faster then I could find them. Then one day in the library I came across Kathryn Falk ’s How to Write a Romance . I suppose I haven’t considered the authors until then. They seemed mythical creatures born with this extraordinary knowledge. But the very existence of Kathryn’s book suggested that romance writing could be learned! That was a stunningly new concept to me at the time, almost too good to be believed. So I took How to Write a Romance home and read it, and began to write a historical romance set in Ancient Egypt. I had a couple of hundred pages w

Project: Kentuck Knob Blog

Photo by Jason Jack Miller Projects Part of my duties as Educational Marketing Director of Frank Lloyd Wright's House on Kentuck Knob are to create and maintain a blog showcasing the culture surrounding the house and sculpture meadow, including the many events and programs offered. Here is the brand new blog: